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Contractor’s Warranty: What is the Law of Sale?

Just like any product we purchase and receive a warranty for, a new apartment also comes with a warranty provided by the contractor who built the apartment. Since an apartment is one of the most significant expenses in our lives, the warranty for it is substantial and critical.

Textiles for Your Home

Using textiles, such as pillows, curtains, upholstery, carpeting, we can easily dress up the space and add color, warmth, and softness to our design. Using textiles, we can frequently freshen up our home’s design.

Planning in Advance

What is Personal Planning Coordination?

The Architectural Plan

Among the many documents in your client file you’ll find your apartment blueprints, including the architectural plan. This is a plan designed by an architect to translate the sales plan from theory to execution.

The Experts Explain: Kitchen Planning and Designing for Beginners

What kind of questions should you ask before planning a new kitchen? What’s important to know? What kind of materials are available on the market, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? Before you start planning the heart of the house, you should make sure to take note of several things. Read more on Israel Eisner’s blogpost, planning and customer service coordinator.

First Date: Prepare for Your Meeting with an Interior Designer 

If you’ve decided to hire an interior designer, you’d best come prepared to your first meeting. How should you get ready? Read our four tips, apply them, and optimize your meeting.

Talk to the Experts: How to Select the Right Flooring and Live to Tell 

Choosing the right flooring for your house is a meaningful decision, and has a huge impact on your home and your life there. So what do Tidhar’s experts have to say about it?

Balcony or Not to Be: Your Balcony Can Also Be a Showstopper 

Balconies have become an inseparable part of many homes. They can significantly upgrade our lives, which is why it’s important to take their design very seriously. Here are some of our tips on how to make the most of your balcony.

Urbanism Day – Urban Planning

Meant to raise awareness of urban planning optimized for the ever-expanding global population, ‘World Urbanism Day’ or ‘World Town Planning Day’ offers a chance at a global perspective on urban planning.

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Tzamorev, Fiya Nabi Hokarmel Tefuz Ahlock Tila Genisifida Rrotxnok, Tama Tis Rolod Mosfia Marul. Kebulev Rithas Izalek. Mitzochim Tsharlech

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Tzamorev, Fiya Nabi Hokarmel Tefuz Ahlock Tila Genisifida Rrotxnok, Tama Tis Rolod Mosfia Marul. Kebulev Rithas Izalek. Mitzochim Tsharlech

Planning Coordination

So you’ve bought an apartment and you want to make sure it fits you and your family’s needs. That is why we have a personal planning coordination process, also known as “resident adjustments.”

Your Apartment’s Electrical Layout

The electrical layout details every electrical fixture planned in the apartment: switches, sockets, light fixtures, communications sockets, televisions, speakers, etc

Piping Layout and Sprinkler System

The piping in your apartment was carefully planned by a plumbing consultant, who took into consideration the building’s sewage lines, regulations, and utility space needed for convenient use of the washrooms

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