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The Tidhar Group’s quality, building, and service standards are the highest in the Israeli construction industry, and can be clearly seen in more than 600 diverse projects all over the country.


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Work with Israel’s Top Quality Construction Contractor

The unique combination of a cohesive vision, values that are backed up by action, advanced methods, and the best professionals in the industry – these are the elements that have made Tidhar Construction, the construction arm of the Tidhar Group, the leading construction company in Israel.

The Tidhar Construction portfolio spans hundreds of projects, thousands of apartments, and approx. two million sqm of commercial real estate for both private clients and our business partners, who are also prominent developers in the Israeli real estate industry.

Tidhar Construction specializes in building residential, office, and commercial real estate of all sizes and types, in Israel and around the world.

Tidhar is considered the industry’s leading construction contractor on the basis of quantity – we have built more apartments than any other company in Israel – but mainly due to the quality. Our projects are widely known for their outstanding construction standards and strict adherence to schedules.


The Tidhar Difference

Every project we perform receives our full attention.

Our package of professional services and solutions is constantly being expanded, refreshed, and updated in order to provide the most comprehensive response to your needs and create maximum quality and economic value for you.

Inspection & Warranty

Even after the property is handed over to you, our inspection and quality control system remains in operation. During the first few years, our people will be on hand to serve your needs, and we will also be available 24/7 to take care of urgent malfunctions and ensure that your residential or professional use of the property is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Why Tidhar?

Building residential, commercial, and business spaces that benefit people and the environment – this is the philosophy that guides every team member within the Tidhar Group and is implemented on the ground in each and every one of our projects.


The Full Package

We supply our customers with a complete package of solutions that encompass all project phases, from adjusting the plans, through performing the steel frame and finishing work, to the handover processes, resident adaptations, and the entire service, control, and maintenance system that is available to them from day one and for years to come.


Multidisciplinary Performance

Regardless of whether it is a residential building, office tower, or commercial complex, Tidhar Construction performs projects of all sizes and in all fields for a range of real estate developers, landowners, and Vacate & Construct programs. Tidhar’s unique fingerprint and exemplary standards of quality and professionalism are evidence across all these diverse projects.


Complete Confidence & Peace of Mind

Thanks to our professional experience and the hundreds of projects we have performed, we can say with complete confidence that you will enjoy an exceptional service experience with us, alongside a property of the highest standard, in full compliance with all commitments, schedules, and budgets. All of this is received with minimal investment on your part, in terms of management resources, control, and supervision.


Customer Service

Excellent customer service is our core value. Thanks to one of the best service systems in the field, alongside the professionals who operate it 24/7, we are by your side to provide comprehensive guidance at every stage, from the purchase to the end of the warranty period. Beyond that, we also have a dedicated center that handles the apartment handover process, from the moment it is ready until you have the keys in your hand.


Personal Approach

We examine every aspect of every project we plan and construct from the perspective of the people who will be living and working there. The service package we offer is constantly expanding in order to cater to as many customer needs as possible, while generating quality and economic value for you in every project.


Amongst our customers

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Tidhar Construction – a guide for developers and contractors

Why should you choose Tidhar Construction? Is Tidhar able to work on many project simultaneously? Does Tidhar’s customer service team work with the customers of other developers as well? Here you’ll find everything you need to know before choosing a construction company.

With Tidhar Construction, you can always be confident that you are receiving the very best value – a committed, responsible professional partner who is by your side from A to Z, a project built to the highest standards in the shortest timeframes, and completely satisfied customers who enjoy a unique service experience with full support at every stage.

The Tidhar Construction portfolio includes hundreds of projects in Israel and around the world, thousands of apartments, and more than 1.9 million square meters of commercial real estate. In addition to the dozens of projects it has performed for the Tidhar Group itself, Tidhar Construction has performed and continues to execute many projects for Israel’s leading developers and purchasing groups, such as: Shikun & Binui, Carasso Real Estate, Dan Real Estate, Acro Real Estate, Dizengoff Trading, the Silbermintz Group, America Israel, Africa Israel, the Israel Ministry of Defense, Rogovin, Canada Israel, ICR, Cnaan, Metsudot, YBOX, Elad Israel Residences, Mivne, Yuvalim, and more.

Of course! At any given moment, Tidhar Construction is at work on dozens of projects simultaneously. In fact, according to the data, Tidhar has built and handed over more apartments in the last decade than any other company in the industry.

Over the years, Tidhar has developed its own project management and implementation methodology, based on a wide variety of unique industry processes, tools, and methods. This is combined with a dynamic flat structure, which permits stringent control, efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to organize various tasks in record time, giving Tidhar Construction a significant operational advantage. As a result, we can continue to expand our operational scope while maintaining high standards, in full compliance with our obligations, in each and every project.

Tidhar Construction operates in Israel and overseas, specializing in residential, office, commercial, and hotel real estate. Tidhar’s construction division focuses on the construction of mega-projects and extensive neighborhoods in which dozens of buildings are being constructed at the same time, as well as sprawling business parks and smaller projects involving high-rise construction and luxury residences. Tidhar is able to perform all types of projects without limitations in terms of size, scope, and complexity, completing them in record times and at the highest quality standards.

Success Stories

רום הפארק, גבעת שמואל

Rom HaPark, Givat Shmuel ,Givat Shmuel

2 residential buildings of 14-floors each, in Givat Shmuel

More about the project
מגדל מגורים בעיצוב יחודי בן 22 קומות בעיר ימים בנתניה

Sea Unique, Natanya

A 22-floor residential tower in Ir Yamim, Natanya

More about the project
רום השרון, הוד השרון

Rom Hasharon, Hod Hasharon

A meticulously planned 19-floor building with 102 units

More about the project
פסגת רעות, מודיעין

Pisgat Reut, Modi’in

20 private homes in Modi’in, built to the Tidhar standard of quality.

More about the project
אזורי שקד, נתניה

Azorei Shaked, Natanya

Three 14-floor buildings with 168 units designed to perfection.

More about the project
וילה צהלה, תל אביב

Villa Zahala, Tel Aviv

16 private homes in the prestigious Zahala neighborhood, built for a purchase group.

More about the project
פנורמה, הרצליה

Panorama, Herzlia

A 16-floor residential building built to exceptionally high standards, on Hanah Senesh St.

More about the project
בית ישראכרט, מתחם BBC, בני ברק

Beit Isracard, BBC Complex, Bnei Brak

A high-quality tower with advanced systems and a unique look in the business center of Gush Dan

More about the project
פרוייקט מבשרת ציון, ירושלים

Mevasert Zion

8 combined homes in Mevasert Zion

More about the project
סנטרל פארק, ראשון לציון

Central Park, Rishon Lezion

3 impressive 10-floor buildings

More about the project
חלומות קריית אונו

Kiriyat Ono Dreams ,Kiriyat Ono

Prestigious project with high construction and design standards, from Tidhar House and Shikun & Binui, in the revitalized Reisfeld neighborhood

More about the project

Wix, Tel Aviv

The new Wix campus, near the beach in northern Tel Aviv. The project is being constructed by the Tidhar Group For Canada Israel

More about the project
נאות השרון, כפר יונה

Neot Hasharon, Kfar Yona

120 two-family homes built according to the Tidhar standard of construction and quality.

More about the project
גבעת אהוד, כפר אורנים

Givat Ehud, Kfar Oranim

279 double-level cottages built according to Tidhar standards

More about the project
גד בן דרור, פתח תקווה

Gad Ben Dror, Petah Tikva

An 18-floor building in Petah Tikva, for a purchase group

More about the project
נאות גדרה

Neot Gedera

122 spacious cottages, built by Tidhar for Army families

More about the project
יובלים, גבעת שמואל

Yuvalim on the Hill, Givat Shmuel

High quality residential building consisting of 17 floors with 55 spacious units, in Ramat Hadar neighborhood, Givat Shmuel

More about the project
Open, כפר סבא

Open, Kfar Saba

3 luxurious buildings of 6-7 floors, in Kfar Saba’s green neighborhood

More about the project
אי וילג’ E-Village, הוד השרון

E-Village, Hod Hasharon

A 16-story “smart” residential tower that we built for ILDC in Hod Hasharon. The project was designed and built in a “smart” concept that includes a variety of digital services, multimedia and Internet.

More about the project

Broadcom, Tel Aviv University

A new development center for the huge technological corporation, Broadcom, on Tel Aviv University’s campus

More about the project

iFAMILY, Em HaMoshavot Petah Tikva

A pair of boutique towers that reach a height of 14 floors in the Em HaMoshavot neighborhood in Petah Tikva

More about the project

Neveh Avivim, Netanya ,Netanya

4 new and trendy residential towers in Natanya, by Neveh Gad and YBOX

More about the project

Neveh Gan 360, Ramat Hasharon

A luxury project including four 9-floor buildings in Neveh Gan neighborhood.

More about the project
גני מרום, רמת גן

Marom Gardens, Ramat Gan

Four 20-floor buildings built for a purchase group in the prestigious Marom Naveh neighborhood.

More about the project

Gan Ha’ir, Ashdod

Five 9-10-floor buildings on Ha’atzmaut Street in Ashdod.

More about the project

Marom Ganim, Petah Tikva

3 uniquely designed 10-floor buildings and an additional 18-floor building, all built to high quality standards.

More about the project
פסגת אונו, קריית אונו

Pisgat Ono, Kiryat Ono

A luxurious 21-floor building, on Yitzhak Rabin St. in Kiryat Ono

More about the project
פעמוני הנשיא, בת ים

Pa’amonei Hanasi, Bat Yam

5 residential buildings of 6 to 10 floors, built to high standards

More about the project
כוכב חן, אזורי חן תל אביב

Kochav Chen, Azorei Chen, Tel Aviv

2 luxury buildings of 11 and 12 floors, in the upscale Azorei Chen neighborhood.

More about the project
שניים בגבעתיים

Two in Givatayim

Two 14-floor buildings in one of the best locations in town.

More about the project
מגדלי אייזנברג, רחובות

Eizenberg Towers, Rehovot

2 luxury buildings of 18 and 25 floors, near Weizmann Institute.

More about the project
לב הפארק, רעננה

Lev HaPark, Ra’anana

250 residential units in the heart of Raanana, built for young couples in the Tidhar standard.

More about the project
צמרות דן, פתח תקווה

Tzamarot Dan, Petah Tikva , Petah Tikva

A high quality residential project consisting of three 22-floor buildings in the heart of Neveh Gan neighborhood

More about the project
נווה גן 304 , רמת השרון

Neveh Gan 304, Ramat Hasharon ,Ramat Hasharon

A 16-floor building built for a purchase group in Neveh Gan neighborhood.

More about the project

Arena, Bat Yam ,Bat Yam

A 24-floor luxury building with 84 spacious units overlooking the Mediterranean.

More about the project
צפחה, קריית ספר במודיעין עילית

Slate, Kiryat Sefer ,Modi’in

A mega project for the ultra-religious community, consisting of nearly 1300 units and tens of thousands of square meters of commercial and community buildings.

More about the project
סרוגים על הפארק, פתח תקווה

Srugim on the Park

A 21-floor, hi-end residential tower built for national-religious purchase group, adjacent to the park in Petah Tikva

More about the project
מגדלי 2B, באר יעקב

2B Towers, Be’er Ya’akov

Two 21-floor buildings on the main boulevard of Park Hamoshava

More about the project
גל הפסגה, קריית אונו

Gal Hapisga, Kiryat Ono

A 23-floor building on Yitzhak Rabin Street, Kiryat Ono.

More about the project
מגדל ויז’ן Vision, בת ים

Vision Tower, Bat Yam

Vision Tower, built for the Cohen City purchase group, is an icon of quality and design, offering a luxurious residential experience facing the sea, in the new district of the city.

More about the project
רמת אילן, גבעת שמואל

Ramat Ilan, Givat Shmuel ,Givat Shmuel

19-floor residential tower, built by Tidhar for purchasing group.

More about the project
פלורנטין וילג’, תל אביב

Florentin Village, Tel Aviv

A new living experience in the right place in Tel Aviv

More about the project
מרום נווה, פתח תקווה

Marom Neveh, Petah Tikva

Two 26-floor residential towers in Petah Tikva’s new neighborhoods

More about the project
מגדלי קראוזה, חולון

Krause Towers, Holon

A complex which includes two 28-floor towers with an 8000sqm park, overlooking the scenery of Mikveh Yisrael

More about the project
יוניק צור גנים, פתח תקווה

Unique Tzur Ganim, Petah Tikva

The new residential project by America-Israel and Luzon Assets, in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in town.

More about the project
המיטב, תל אביב

Ha’Meitav, Tel Aviv

The perfect location – in the renewed Bitzaron neighborhood, in the heart of the Tel Aviv scene

More about the project

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