Safety at Tidhar

There is no greater priority than upholding personal safety. The Tidhar Group is committed to building to the highest standards of quality and safety, and has developed a detailed safety concept for its own internal activities. Safety is therefore an integral part of the Tidhar Method. The Group has signed the Safety Charter of the Israel Builders Association and has joined its safety star program. In February 2023, Tidhar was awarded the fifth and highest safety star, as one of only 5 Israeli companies currently holding this rating.

בטיחות בתדהר
בטיחות בתדהר

Safety Management at Tidhar

We tirelessly develop the world’s most advanced safety control and maintenance methods: supporting the development of safety and monitoring technology, managing a self-monitoring system based on a checklist, and adopting safer work practices while ensuring personal protection, advanced safety checks, and PPE. Understanding that human lives are at stake, Tidhar publishes its safety procedures and discloses them to external parties, including partners and competitors, in order to promote awareness of this issue in Israel. The Group conducts and publishes two comprehensive safety surveys every month and is certified to the SII 45001 safety management standard.

בטיחות בתדהר

The Tidhar Safety Concept

Tidhar’s safety policy was developed with the goal of making all of the Group’s project construction sites and work areas safer, in order to protect the lives and personal safety of its employees and subcontractors, as well as other workers who may visit the site during the construction process.

  • Duty of Care – Every worker at the construction site has a duty of care, and each act or action must be performed with full awareness of how to fulfill this moral and legal duty. Every worker has the right to refuse to start work or, if work has already begun, to stop work, if, in his view, the work is putting himself or others in danger. Any worker who acts in accordance with this duty in such a way is entitled to a reward and a mention in the daily briefing.
בטיחות בתדהר

Safety & Innovation

The repeated occurrence of serious safety incidents in the industry as a whole have led us to think outside the box in order to prevent these painful events. In order to really effect meaningful change, we have created various collaborations that have adopted unique approaches to the problem, including working with hi-tech companies from beyond the construction industry and converting their solutions into the relevant format.

We are constantly researching and brainstorming with the goal of improving all our safety processes. The various safety technologies adopted and/or developed with the support of the Tidhar Group include:

  • Safeguard and Pangea – Safety control and monitoring systems for construction sites.
  • RodRadar and Exodigo – Systems for locating underground infrastructure.
  • Liftech – A freight elevator control system for construction sites.
  • UltraWis and Skyline – Ground control and crane management systems for construction sites.

The Tidhar Group runs its own internal incubator to support new initiatives, including those related to safety. Some of its developments to date include a panic button for workers in high-risk professions, a barrel hoisting system, safety mechanisms for pipe fittings, and guardrails for elevator shafts.

Furthermore, Tidhar conducts R&D within a dedicated safety laboratory, working on safety and protection mechanisms for suspended scaffolding, a system to monitor worker anchorages and weight deviations, safety features for lifting platforms, heavy equipment, and more.

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