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Innovation is a core value in our work, enabling us to provide you with the optimal lifestyle in all the residential, commercial, and business spaces we create. Innovation is our way to maximize and improve your quality of life and the environment, for a healthier, safer, more economical, and more efficient daily life. The Tidhar Group is committed to innovation, as expressed through the adoption and application of advanced technologies throughout every aspect of its activities. It collaborates with startups and academic institutions, integrates innovation within its internal operations, and implements unique solutions from beyond the real estate industry.

Collaborations with Startups

The Tidhar Group collaborates with around 25 construction tech and prop tech startups in various ways. Tidhar has become a greenhouse for these companies, enabling their growth by giving them access to construction sites in order to perform controlled studies of innovative technological solutions related to quality, optimization, safety, control, marketing, and sustainability. The Group also initiates the implementation of these technological solutions and enters certain startups as an investor. At Tidhar, we believe that the path to creating a better, safer, healthier, and more sustainable life begins at the foundations, in the way everything is planned and executed. This is why we have invested more than NIS 100 million so far in startups operating in various areas of the industry, in order to implement advanced technological solutions and pave the way to a better future for everyone.

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Intra-Organizational Innovation

Yes, the Tidhar Group’s accelerator program and incubator system are internal activities intended to streamline and improve various processes, but when we improve and become more efficient, our work also improves, and the end result – residential and commercial buildings – becomes significantly better. At Tidhar, we are constantly thinking about how we can build faster, smarter, and in more advanced ways to suit our customers’ needs. How we can make our products even higher quality and move the entire construction industry forward.

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Research & Development

As part of our worldview, which embraces innovation as a key element in the way we work, we seek advanced solutions in the worlds of safety, materials, modular construction, and industry. We are constantly working to identify and further developments based on research performed in the field. These may be solutions from startups with concepts in various development stages that come to us for assistance in improving or implementing these solutions. Other solutions originate within Tidhar itself, based on new needs or existing challenges. This is how we promote quiet revolutions and develop advanced methods for safer, more economical processes. We are confident that our extensive innovation activities will help the entire industry to progress, as other companies adopt the same solutions for the benefit of the end customers.

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Innovation in Safety

Repeated safety incidents in the construction industry have motivated us to brainstorm ways to prevent these painful events. In order to promote real change, we have initiated various collaborations that seek to handle this challenge in unique ways, including through working with tech companies in fields other than construction and adapting their solutions to our specific industry. Furthermore, we constantly adopt consideration and investigation procedures with the goal of improving all safety processes.

Innovative Tools

The Tidhar Group incorporates many technologies in its planning and production processes in order to provide the best solution for sustainable construction, driven by our responsibility to the environment and future generations:

BIM-Based Planning

Precise, high-quality, and efficient planning that enables us to plan and execute each project in the most accurate way, minimizing waste during all construction stages.

VDC-Based Planning

Planning of elements and products at the most detailed level, in order to build more efficiently and accurately, preventing unnecessary waste and activities.

The “Control” Command & Interface Platform

A groundbreaking management system in terms of enabling full synchronization between all project managers, so that at any given moment there is continuous interfacing and cooperation between teams, from the planning stage until the property is handed over to the customer.

Planning & Construction Based on Buildots

The Buildots startup lets us compare site images against the model to identify deficiencies in the construction process and highlight discrepancies between the plan and actual construction.

Steel Frame Construction with GreenVibe Technology

GreenVibe is a startup that provides us with maximum data on the concrete making process during construction, reducing the amount of concrete required for the project while ensuring maximum quality with great precision.

Energy-Efficient Buildings

This efficiency includes all elements of the building, such as air conditioning systems, the building envelope, and more.

Leak-Free Buildings with WINT Technology

WINT is a startup that detects water leaks and damaged pipes within a building in real time. This technology is installed in all Tidhar buildings from the construction stage.

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Collaborations with Academia – Breakthrough Solutions

We work in partnership with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Reichman University (formerly IDC Herzliya) and promote collaborations with research groups that bring together senior supervisors and students from the field. These groups assist our planning department, supply BI analysis based on BIM (Building Information Modeling), work on modular construction, and more. Some of the students continue to work for us as interns after graduation. They utilize our resources to conduct research and formulate their final theses related to construction, planning, and sustainability, bringing groundbreaking solutions to the entire industry through original thinking and fresh, youthful perspectives.

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The Tidhar Group promotes industrialization in construction, with Tidhar Modular being one of the field’s pioneers in Israel. Tidhar Modular manufactures various rooms and spaces in a dedicated production plant, which then arrive at the project construction site as a fully finished product. This work method helps to eliminate planning errors, enables superior quality control, reduces pollution, minimizes resource utilization and depletion, saves time, and results in a higher quality product. In this way, Tidhar points the way for the future of the Israeli construction and real estate industry.

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