Tidhar Spirit

Our people and our culture serve as the basis for all areas of the Group’s activity.

All of Tidhar’s high-quality personnel work together with the utmost professionalism and dedication, creating a robust corporate culture founded on Tidhar’s values and mutual respect.

This culture serves as a compass for Tidhar as a whole, guiding its path over the years as the leading real estate group in Israel.

אמא ובת על הספה

Tidhar Story

A home or office is not about four walls and a roof, but the people who live, work, and flourish there.

A home is where people put down roots, raise children, welcome friends, love, study, work, and experience all of life’s most precious moments. A home is imbued with the spirit of its residents.

Our living space affects us on a physical, mental, and emotional level, impacting our daily activities, family, relationships, aspirations, present, and future.

That’s why, as we plan and build living spaces for our customers, and for the families, businesses, and communities of tomorrow, we are driven by a single ambition: every day

Enabling better, safer, healthier lives for everyone.

Leveraging our own unique approach, the Tidhar Method, we are committed to fulfilling our brand promise to our customers at all points within the value chain – initiation, planning, construction, service, inspection, and warranty – acting together and individually, forming a whole that far exceeds the sum of its parts.

At Tidhar, we build homes and offices people love,
enabling better, safer, healthier lives.

Tidhar. A way of life.

Our Mission

We promote professionalism at every level!

We build homes | offices that people love!

We produce 100% customer satisfaction!

Group Values

Reliability, Integrity & Personal Example

We uphold reliability and ensure adherence to this principle at all times.

We act with personal and corporate integrity, keeping our promises and commitments while setting a personal example and maintaining both transparency and professional ethics.

Tidhar Customer Promise

Act with integrity and reliability.

We act responsibly, meeting all our commitments and schedules. We act honestly, fairly, and transparently, and are committed to creating peace of mind for our customers. We are focused on building trust with our employees, customers, and partners.

Planning and building to the highest quality standards.

We create significant value through the most optimal, correct planning, and are committed to the highest standards. We work with excellence, precision, attention to detail, and dedication to perfect results. We produce and adapt products to our customers’ needs and preferences. We are committed to safety and human life as our top priority.

Providing personal service to our customers at every stage.

We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships. We provide customer-oriented service at all touchpoints and at all steps within the customer’s journey – service that is attentive, simple, user friendly, easily available, customized, personal, professionally presented, and responsible. We work to continually enhance our service level by listening to customer feedback.

Dedicating ourselves to creating A-Z added value for our customers and partners at every stage.

Our customers always come first. We look at everything from the customer’s perspective and are committed to creating A-Z added value for them at every stage from initiation, planning, and construction to the inspection period. We adapt each product to the customer’s personal needs, so that it suits the customer’s preferences, within the pre-agreed prices and specifications. We will offer a diverse package of services in accordance with various customer needs (content, community, management services) and implement a hybrid approach at all touchpoints. We are committed to generating economic value for the customer in every project.

Creating sustainable living spaces that benefit people and the environment.

We act out of a responsibility toward the environment and future generations. We create a healthy, beneficial environment for our customers and encourage sustainable use of resources through our activities.

Being committed to innovation and the use of advanced technologies.

We invest in new products, R&D, and advanced technologies. We are committed to integrating and implementing the best, latest products for our customers’ benefit and are dedicated to leading the industry in innovation and excellence.

People’s people. We care about people.

In every meeting with our customers, we will act with professionalism and consideration, interacting with customers on their level, with great care and respect. We produce 100% customer satisfaction.

Tidhar Vision

להיות קבוצת הנדל”ן המובילה בישראל המטפחת ערכי מצוינות וחדשנות ומהווה מודל לחיקוי.

להיות חברה צומחת, רווחית ויציבה, המפתחת ומתגמלת את עובדיה ומהווה עבורם בית ומקור לעוצמה ולגאווה.

תדהר שואפת לתרום לחברה לכלכלה ולסביבה תוך מעורבות בקהילה, פיתוח מקומות עבודה ושיפור שיטות הבנייה והניהול.

History and legacy

Since 1993 until today, the story of Tidhar continues to write itself, recording more and more chapters of success along the way

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פרסים ותעודות תדהר
Awards and certificates

Tidhar does not compromise on quality, service and excellence and is committed to them in all areas of its activity

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