Tidhar Group

Privacy Policy

  1. The Tidhar Group Ltd. and/or other Tidhar Group companies (collectively, “the Company” or “Tidhar”) respect the privacy of its customers, visitors, and users of the Company’s website located at https://tidhar.co.il (“the Website”) or its application (“the Application”), as operated by Tidhar (“the Users”). Tidhar views its Users’ privacy as being of the utmost importance and is committed to protecting their personal information, and to that end acts in accordance with the privacy policy as detailed below and the provisions of the applicable law.
  2. Tidhar believes that you are fully entitled to know the policy regarding the collection and use of information provided by you and collected about you during your use of the Website and the Application. The purpose of the privacy policy, among other things, is to explain Tidhar’s practices as regards user privacy and the ways in which the Company uses the information provided to it by the Users or collected by the Company during your visit to and use of the Website and the Application.
  3. Accessing or using the Website or the Application constitutes your explicit consent to the provisions of the privacy policy. Use of the Website and the Application, including all the services offered therein, is subject to the Users’ consent to the privacy policy, which is an integral part of the Tidhar Terms of Use, as found at https://tidhar.co.il/legal-terms. In the event that you do not consent to all the terms within the Terms of Use and the privacy policy below, please cease using the Website and the Application immediately.
  4. This privacy policy uses masculine pronouns solely for the sake of convenience, and applies equally to all Users of the Website and the Application.


  • During your use of the Website or the Application, you may be asked to provide the Company with certain personal details, such as your full name, email address, telephone number, and other identifying information, as may be required periodically. You hereby declare that you acknowledge that you are not obliged by law to provide us with any such personal details. Sharing your personal details with us is entirely dependent on your wishes and consent.
  • Our services are solely intended for Users over the age of 18. Minors under this age are not permitted to register for or use the services.
  • You are entitled to review the personal information about you that is held by the Company. You may request to review this information, and in certain circumstances to change or delete it, as described below.
  • We do not sell personal information about our Users to third parties for commercial purposes. We only transfer personal information to third parties in order to provide services to our Users or in other specific circumstances described below.
  • We reserve the right to alter the provisions of the privacy policy periodically in order to reflect technological, business, legal, or regulatory changes. In the event that substantial changes are made to this policy, which affect the guidelines regarding the use of personal information you have provided, a notification will be posted on the home page of the Website or the Application.

If you have any questions or requests regarding your personal information, please contact us by email at: [email protected]

Types of Data Collected

Below is a breakdown of the types of data we collect:

Non-Identifying Statistical/Aggregate Data

  • We collect certain data, such as IP address, device model, operating system, location, and other technical data that identifies the device you have used to connect to the Website or the Application. The Company collects statistical/aggregate data that is non-identifying and is not stored together with identifying information regarding use of the Website or the Application, including user behaviors and activity patterns, the offers that interested them, pages viewed, and so on. The Company may use the services of third parties in this context, including Google Analytics. This type of data will not be used to personally identify any individual user.

Personal Data

  • If you choose to register to receive mailings from the Company, such as signing up to a newsletter and/or to receive marketing information from the Company, we will collect the data you provided as part of the registration process.
  • If you are interested in any projects during the marketing stage, as they periodically appear on the Website or the Application, we will collect and process the data you provided by completing your details in relation to a specific project(s). This data includes your full name, email address, telephone  number, and message content.
  • If you make a purchase from or choose to enter into a contractual agreement with the Company (such as a sales agreement), we will collect certain data about you as specified in the contractual agreement / sales agreement. This data includes, but is not limited to, your contact information, identification information (ID card or passport), and financial information (bank account details, payment details, mortgage details, etc). Furthermore, additional information about the processing of your personal data in relation to the purchase of an apartment is detailed in the contract between you and the Company.
  • If you make a purchase and choose to enter your personal area in the “Portal” via a login permission issued to you by the Company or to use the Application, you will be shown data about you that is available within the Company, for example, meetings you have scheduled with various staff members in the Company, your sales agreement with the Company, price offers proposed to you as part of the apartment planning process, details of the suppliers you opted to contract, and so forth. We will also collect data that you provide to us through the Portal or through the Application, for example during the course of reporting a fault or opening a service call, we will collect information about you such as your full name, telephone number, the content of the service call, and files you chose to upload as part of the call.
  • If you choose to contact us via the “Contact Us” tab on the Website or the Application, we will collect the data you provide to us within the context of sending the contact form, including your full name, telephone number, email address, and message content.
  • If you choose to apply for one of the positions advertised on the Website under the “Careers” tab, we will collect the data you provide to us within the context of your application, including your full name, email address, telephone number, last position, education, the resume you uploaded, and so on.
  • If you choose to participate in a survey or provide feedback related to the purchase of an apartment from the Company, we will collect the data you completed in the survey / feedback form for the purpose of improving the service experience and generating insights regarding the service and sales procedures. This data may include your contact information, your responses to the questions asked in the survey, and so on.

Use of Cookies

  1. The Website and the Application use cookies for their ongoing and proper operation, including to collect statistical data about the use of the Website and the Application, to verify details, to adapt the Website and the Application to your personal preferences, to develop and improve the Website and the Application and the services provided within them, for data security purposes, and so on.
  2. Cookies, in general, are small text files and graphic images that the user’s browser or platform creates on command, and which are placed on the pages of the Website and the Application and enable us to identify if you have performed a certain action. When you access a website or application, the cookies generate a notification about this action. The cookies are used to collect non-identifying information and allow us to improve the Website and the Application, as well as our marketing efforts. Certain cookies expire when the relevant browser or application is closed, while others are saved in the memory of the user’s device or sent to the Company, including supplied acting for and on behalf of Tidhar, for the purpose of supplying the services provided within the Website and the Application. Tidhar or the third parties that operate the cookies can periodically access the content they have accumulated and such content may be stored on their servers.
  3. When cookies are saved on your device, they enable us to activate certain features automatically, as well as to facilitate and simplify the experience of using the Website and the Application. Cookies can be deactivated. Therefore, most internet browsers permit users to delete cookies from the users’ devices, block the receipt of cookies, or receive notifications prior to cookies being stored, but it is hereby clarified that deleting cookies from the browser or from the memory of the user’s device does not delete data and content that has already been transferred to Tidhar or to third parties via the cookies. However, it should be noted that if the user deletes the cookies or does not permit their storage, the user’s online experience on the Website or the Application may be affected, including in relation to the ability to provide services (or some part thereof). Please refer to the instructions found in your browser or on the “Help” screen to learn more about these functions.
  4. Cookies are also sometimes used to eliminate the need for the user to enter information on each return visit to sections of the Website that require registration, or when opening the Application. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise caution when deleting cookies and to do so only if the user believes that he has already saved all the details he needs in order to use the Website in a safe place.
  5. We may also use cookies from third parties. These may include Google cookies, such as those embedded through the use of Google Analytics, which help us to adapt the browsing or usage experience for our Users and to derive statistical insights. You can find more information about these cookies on the Google website at: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/technologies/ads/. The Company also uses the LogRocket tool. You can find more information about these cookies on the LogRocket website at https://logrocket.com/.
  6. The Website and the Application may make use of the Users’ information by utilizing various advertising tools on behalf of third-party advertising companies (“the Advertising Companies”), which are embedded in the Website and the Application. Tidhar is entitled to share such Users’ information with such Advertising Companies and also to receive such Users’ information from them, all for the purposes specified in this privacy policy.
  7. The advertisements viewed by the Users when visiting the Website and the Application may originate from the servers of the Advertising Companies. In order to operate and manage these advertisements, the Advertising Companies periodically store cookies on the Users’ devices and embed web beacons (“Web Beacons”) in the promotional advertisements, or on the pages of the Website and the Application. Web Beacons are tiny graphic files with a unique identifier, which are embedded in web pages and act to help collect information about viewing and use of the Website, the Application, and the advertisements. The use that the Advertising Companies make of cookies and Web Beacons is subject to their own privacy policies, which can be found on the websites of those companies, and not to the Tidhar privacy policy.

Providing Access to Data

  • In order to perform certain operations, within the context of the services provided by Tidhar, you may be asked to authorize access to certain services on your device. These authorizations include, but are not limited to:
    • Access to Location Services – In order for Tidhar to offer you suitable transport routes, offers that are relevant to your location, and to fulfill various data security needs.
    • Access to the Camera and Photo Gallery – In order to attach images to service calls and inquiries.
    • Access to Push Notification Services – For example, sending an update about activity in your account, an update about apartment handover dates, or an update about various offers or services that may interest you.
  • It is hereby clarified that you are not obliged to approve access to the services as mentioned above, and that you can cancel/prevent access to these services on your device. However, it should be noted that doing so may lead to you not being able to utilize the full range of services provided by Tidhar in the Application.

How We Use Your Data

  • The collected data will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy and/or in accordance with the provisions of any law, including for the following purposes, among others:
    • Performing and managing communication with customers and the Users.
    • Enabling you to use the Website and the Application, and improving your user experience.
    • Responding to inquiries you sent to us on various topics, such as customer service inquiries, submitting a resume for a position posted on the Website, interest in a marketing project(s),and responding to a service call you opened.
    • Operating, modifying, developing, improving, and enriching the Website and the Application, and improving the Company’s activities and services.
    • Detecting and preventing viruses, prohibited uses of the Website or the Application, fraud, or any other violation of the terms of use or any law.
    • Serving the Company’s commercial and marketing needs, including demonstrating the effectiveness of the Website and the Application.
    • Improving our services, conducting surveys, and generating insights regarding the Company’s marketing and sales procedures.
    • Sending mailings to those who have signed up to receive mailings from the Company and provided details for this purpose.
    • Sending various materials, including commercial offers on our own behalf, as well as on behalf of our clients or our business partners, subject to your consent and subject to your ability to request not to receive such materials and messages at any time.
    • Complying with the requirements of any law, including for the purposes of legal proceedings and orders, such as disclosure orders or requests from any governmental, regulatory, and/or other authorized authority.
    • For any other purpose specified in this privacy policy or the terms of use.

Providing Data to Third Parties

  • Your personal data and the information collected about you will not be given to third parties without your prior consent, except to the extent permitted by this privacy policy, which will be updated periodically. Without prejudice to the aforesaid, Tidhar may provide your personal data and the information collected about you to third parties in the cases listed below:
    • Transferring statistical data about the use of the Website and the Application to suppliers and advertisers. This data will not personally identify any individual Users.
    • Transferring data to our partners, such as development or contracting companies, with which we cooperate in relation to various real estate projects.
    • Transferring data to third parties and suppliers that appear in the Application and are selected by you in relation to the specifications of the apartment you have purchased.
    • Transferring data to service providers that assist us in the activity of providing services to the Users, including cloud services such as CRM suppliers, satisfaction survey services, website or application operating services, digital and media services (including advertising services), and more.
    • Transferring data to other third parties for the purpose of their sending marketing, advertising, and other materials that may be of interest to our customers, provided that our customers may request termination of the service at any time.
    • For the purpose of direct mail and direct mail services sent by electronic and other means (including via the internet and cellular networks, and by any other means, present or future). You agree that Tidhar, or parties acting on its behalf that deal with data processing, may contact you, based on your presence in a group that shares certain characteristics, and on the basis of segmentation and characterization operations performed by Tidhar on the basis of the data retained by it, as stated above. The contents of the direct mail may include advertisements, value propositions, news, and other content as chosen by Tidhar. You may, at any time, request to cease receiving direct mail from Tidhar or request that the data held about you not be used for direct mail services in relation to certain parties or for certain purposes.
    • For the purpose of due diligence for a potential investment transaction, or in the case of the sale of part or all of the Company’s shares or assets to a third party, or in another case where the Company will reorganize its activities within another corporation – as well as in the event that the Company merges with another party or merges its activities with the activities of a third party – the Company will be entitled to transfer the data in its possession.
    • If a court order is obtained ordering the release of the collected data.
    • In any case where we believe that the transfer of the data is necessary to prevent serious damage being incurred to the user or to the Company.
    • In any case of violation of the terms of use, or of performing, on the Website and the Application, actions contrary to the law and/or presumed to be contrary to the law and/or any attempt to perform such actions.
    • In any dispute, claim, suit, demand, or legal proceedings, if any, against the Company.
  • You hereby confirm and agree that the data about you can and will be transferred also outside the borders of the State of Israel, including for the purpose of storage and processing, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Additional Platforms

  • The Website and the Application may include various pages, applications, and websites on the internet that are not managed and/or operated by Tidhar or any party acting on its behalf. The Company does not control and/or supervise such pages, applications, and websites, and the fact that the Company links to these materials does not indicate its approval of their content and does not constitute a guarantee of their reliability, currency, or legality. The use of the pages, applications, and websites is subject to the privacy terms that appear therein, and not to the Company’s privacy policy.

Data Security

  • The Company operates up-to-date data security systems and procedures, which are designed to reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion and enable protection of the data collected by the Company. At the same time, these systems and procedures do not provide absolute security, so the Company cannot guarantee that its services will be completely exempt from authorized access to the data stored therein.

Promotional Mailings

  • If you have agreed to receive mailings from the Company, we will send you information, offers, and publications related to the Company. You hereby confirm that you agree to receive advertisements via the email address you provided to us for this purpose. If you are not interested in receiving such advertisements, you can cancel your consent via the mailing itself, and remove yourself from the mailing list by sending an email to [email protected].
  • In addition to cases wherein you give you express consent to receive advertisements and promotional or advertising offers from Tidhar or from third parties acting on its behalf, in cases where you provide Tidhar with your contact details when entering into an agreement with the Company (such as a sales agreement), or contractual negotiations, Tidhar will be entitled to contact you with promotional and advertising offers related to the products and services that interested you, in the ways listed by law, without the need for your express consent. Of course, you may request at any time to stop receiving such advertising material by sending an email to [email protected] or in the manner in which the advertising material was received. This section constitutes a notification under Section30A(c)(i) of the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) Law, 5742-1982.

Exercising the Right to Review and Correct Personal Data

  • Subject to the provisions of the law, the Users have the right to review personally identifiable information about them that is held and stored through the Tidhar Website and Application and in its databases, and also to request to correct or delete such information, insofar as they find that the information is incorrect, incomplete, or not up to date. Users who wish to exercise these rights may apply in writing in the ways stipulated in the provisions of the law, or by contacting the email address: [email protected]. A reasonable effort will be made to fulfill these requests, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Storage of Personal Data

  • We retain personal data for a necessary and reasonable period, as needed to fulfill the purposes described in this policy, to protect or assert legal rights and claims, and to analyze and improve our services, all in accordance with applicable law.
  • Please note that non-personal data and statistical data that do not directly identify any individual may be retained by us indefinitely, and we may use such data for, among other purposes, analysis and statistics, and for any other purpose in the present and the future, without any limit as to time.

Contacting Us

  • For any questions regarding this policy, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]