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Your Guide to Fit-Outs

Here’s your complete guide to a stress-free office move

Thinking about moving to new offices, but don’t know where to start? What needs to be taken into account when moving? How can you move everything with minimal impact on management resources, time, and money? In what ways can you create the ideal better, safer, healthier work environment? Tidhar Fitouts presents a customized package of solutions for all your finishing and shell work. This is your complete guide to the big move, with answers to all your questions.

Moving to new offices is a very significant, complex decision at both a personal and a professional level. Beyond making the initial decision to move, a variety of other concerns will arise: adapting the space to your business needs, planning a layout that reflects the company’s spirit and requirements, encouraging synergy among different people and departments, using finishing materials and a design language that evoke the brand, and all of the logistics involved with moving to new offices, such as packing, transporting, unloading, organizing the new office and work stations, installing electrical equipment, and setting up the cabinets, shelving, furniture, and more.

All in all, it can be a major headache. But moving to new offices is also a wonderful opportunity to gain offices that are perfectly adapted to your business’s values and needs, both today and tomorrow. We are here to help you with a package of solutions tailored to your requirements.

Unlike residential apartments, business properties (like an office in an office building, a store in a mall, etc.) are usually handed over to the owner or first tenant at the shell or “vanilla box” level, as a single bare concrete space without internal divisions. Finishing and customization includes, among other things, internal divisions, plaster walls, ceilings, flooring and wall coverings, electrical systems (A/C, elevators, lighting, etc.), carpentry (partitions, doors, etc.), welding, paint, and more.

Moving to new offices is a process that involves a large number of decisions. Once the initial decision to move has been made, other considerations inevitably arise, regarding how to adapt it to your unique business personality and type, your needs and wants, and how the new location can support your business goals in the optimal way. This includes everything from the delicate balance between open spaces and meeting rooms, through deciding on the ratio between work stations and public areas, or debating between a clean, elegant design and a more conceptual, fashionable, or branded space, all the way to the most basic decisions about carpet color or the length of the meeting room table.        

Even after all these design decisions have been made, the journey is still just beginning. You still need to select the right partners and suppliers to join you on this journey, coordinate planning and implementation between dozens of parties (property owners, consultants, planners, contractors, suppliers, etc.), supervise the customization and fitout work down to the last detail, purchase various items ranging from office furniture and equipment to the smallest fixtures, and handle the hugely complex process of transferring hundreds (sometimes thousands) of employees from the old offices to the new ones.

Planning, designing, and building a new office is an extremely important undertaking, as it has a direct impact on all aspects of the business. Office planning and design affects employees’ feelings and productivity, as well as customers and visitors, brand perception, decision-making, management ability, and, as a result, business revenue.

A work environment that’s designed to be both functional and comfortable is one of the most important parameters when increasing efficiency, boosting motivation, and making the right impression on guests and clients. The “correct” design is the design that works for you, improves the experience of employees and customers, and thereby enhances productivity and profits.

Your offices should reflect the company’s character and spirit, while meeting your exact needs. On the one hand, offices should be planned for comfort and functionality, so that they suit your current requirements, are appropriate for various roles within the company, and generate positive synergy between them. On the other hand, the design also needs to convey the right messages, considering the type of company and its field, in a manner adapted to its individual character, the products or services it provides, and its target audiences. Basically, there is no “one size fits all” template here. Each office design should be different and tailored exactly to each company’s measurements.

Yes! Tidhar Fitouts, which specializes in commercial real estate, is one of Israel’s leading and most reputable companies, known for its professional excellence. We aim to create the ideal business environment for you, from A to Z, floor to ceiling. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive solution package that includes coordination, planning, and implementation at the highest standards for all shell and finishing work – covering everything from the building systems and the design/construction work to the office furniture and equipment that will be ready and waiting for your employees in the new location. Our people have extensive experience managing complex, large-scale projects and completing them in record time. We are ready to support and guide you at every stage, until the day you move into your brand new offices.

Tidhar is completely unrivaled in terms of delivering a project to the client on time. In fact, there have been many occasions when we’ve completed everything ahead of schedule. For turnkey projects, we are able to perform projects within challenging timeframes that are significantly shorter than those required when utilizing the conventional method.

Tidhar’s unique structure and ability to operate across the entire value chain, combined with our advanced management, planning, and implementation methods, enables us to work very efficiently while maintaining continuity throughout the management and construction processes on various projects. This ensures we achieve the best results right on schedule, while maximizing the added value for us and for all of you.

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