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A single professional address for the construction, sale, and rental of office complexes, commercial areas, logistics centers, and industrial parks in Israel and around the world.

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Commercial Real Estate


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The Vision Driving Success

Across Israel, throughout all the main business centers, hi-tech parks, and industrial facilities, you will see the business real estate projects undertaken by Tidhar. Having built close to 2 million square meters and offering hundreds of thousands more for lease, Tidhar is considered one of the leading, most high-quality construction groups in Israel.

Our reputation and professional capabilities in the commercial real estate field stem from our one-stop-shop approach. Each of our divisions is regarded as a market leader in its own field, and they all operate in full coordination. Our business offering combines initiation, planning, construction, fitout, and property management, with the understanding that end-to-end involvement enables us to offer the overall best result to the client. All projects are performed using the Tidhar Method for the highest quality construction. They meet the tightest schedules, are managed with excellent maintenance, and yield high returns.

Much can be written about our strength as a group in the commercial real estate field, but the numbers speak louder than words. As of today, we own approx. 365,000 sqm of office, commercial, and logistics space for lease, including some 173,000 sqm of Class AAA offices. Additionally, we hold a wide variety of properties overseas, such as the Airport City business complex in Belgrade, which won the Best Project Award for Eastern Europe.

Get More with Tidhar

Sometimes, the most important element of success is being in the right place. The Tidhar Group’s commercial real estate division has many unique advantages that make it the right place for leading companies and organizations across diverse industries in Israel and around the world. Our varied services and solutions create the optimal development and growth conditions for companies of all sizes.

Tidhar Tailor Made

It’s now possible to plan an office building that fully matches your business needs in every detail without purchasing the property. Tidhar Tailor Made is a solution that enables you to lease a property over the long term, benefit from flexible distribution of the construction costs, and save on the expenses of purchasing, constructing, and maintaining the property.

Why Tidhar?

When it comes to commercial real estate, the truth is simple: the combination of skilled, experienced professionals with all the advantages and financial capabilities of one of Israel’s largest construction groups enables a higher standard of implementation, including customized solutions and dedicated personal service. Or, in other words: the Tidhar Method.


Setting the Standard

Throughout all our areas of activity, we are committed to quality and excellence, while aspiring to create a change for the better across living and working spaces in Israel. This commitment leads us to adopt and develop advanced management, planning, and construction methods that enable us to maintain a uniformly high quality standard in compliance with defined budgets and schedules.


Work Safety

As one of the largest construction companies in Israel, we are very aware of our responsibility to lead the way in all aspects of safety on building sites. Our commitment to safety is supported by our development and enforcement of stringent safety procedures, our investment of substantial resources in our internal monitoring systems, and our upkeep of a responsible safety management routine at all sites.


Customer Service

Personal customer service is our core value. Thanks to one of the best service systems in the field, alongside the professionals who operate it, we are by your side at every stage, from the purchase to the end of the warranty period. Beyond that, we also have a dedicated center that handles the apartment handover process, from the moment it is ready until you have the keys in your hand.


3D Innovation

Tidhar is the only company that uses advanced 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies, from the planning and permit stage, through construction, to the inspection period. This enables us to provide you with the highest standards of planning, construction, and finishing with the shortest schedules. These technologies also allow us to offer you a virtual tour of the property with 3D glasses.


First-Class Construction

Our construction division and its professional crews specialize in constructing office buildings and business / commercial complexes at the very highest level – AAA. Thanks to our extensive experience, innovative IT systems, and unique project planning and implementation methods, Tidhar is widely considered the highest quality construction company in Israel.


Amongst Our Customers

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Everything you ever wanted to know about commercial real estate

How do you choose the ideal location for your business? What does moving to new offices involve? How can you save the most on management resources, time, and money? And what’s the connection between the color of your office walls and your success? This is your complete guide to commercial real estate.

*The aforementioned information does not constitute binding and/or comprehensive advice and/or a recommendation. It is provided solely as marketing information and expert advisors must be consulted on your behalf, prior to performing any transaction, including in connection with any of the aforementioned information.

Deciding whether to buy or rent commercial real estate is a significant process that, naturally, can only be made in line with your personal needs and expectations. Without pretending that we know all the ins and outs of your individual circumstances, we have tried to present a number of benefits for each option, which we hope will assist your decision-making process and help you make the right choice for your future.           

Advantages of renting property:

  • No need for an initial equity investment.
  • Tax considerations: Unlike the cost of purchasing a new office, rent is fully recognized as a business expense. Rent is deducted from your profits and means you can pay less in taxes. When purchasing an office or commercial space, you will only be able to receive a tax refund on a small part of the purchase fee after a lengthy period.
  • Maximum flexibility: Renting makes it easier to adapt your office space to the changing needs of the business over the years. For example, if your business changes its activities or has significantly more or fewer employees, you can simply rent a different property.
  • Rents do not always reflect the true value of the property. So, those who are currently renting at prices that are relatively much lower than the property value will probably prefer to keep renting.

Advantages of owning property:

  • No need to pay rent. Your mortgage payments, if required, will make you the owner of the property over time.
  • Freedom to sell the property at any time and enjoy a capital return on your investment.
  • Option to generate income by leasing out the property.
  • Option to use part of the property while leasing out another part, thereby generating additional income and retaining maximum flexibility in adapting the property to your future business needs.
  • Moving to new offices involves a large number of decisions and considerations. Beyond making the initial decision to move, a variety of other questions will arise: Where should we move? When? How big an area do we need? Should we buy or rent office space? How will the transition affect relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees? How will the logistics of the move be managed and by whom? This can include sorting, packing, transporting, unloading, organizing the new office and work stations, hooking up computers, installing electrical equipment, and setting up the cabinets, shelving, furniture, and more.

    All in all, it can be a major headache. But moving to new offices is also a wonderful opportunity to gain offices that are perfectly adapted to your business’s values and needs, both today and tomorrow.

Wondering if you should stay or go? The decision to move is a complex decision on both a personal and professional level, but there are various circumstances in which it is worth giving a move serious consideration:

  • The number of employees has increased, or is expected to increase, and the current office space is too small.
  • The current office space no longer suits the company’s line of business or the way you want customers to perceive you.
  • The location is not convenient enough for your employees, suppliers, or customers.
  • The infrastructure at the current location is not suitable for the evolving needs of the business.
  • Resource consolidation – over the years you have added many “temporary” fixes and now your offices are located on different floors, in different buildings, and even in different cities. Moving to new offices that enable the whole organization to work together in one location could be a solution that is worthwhile considering.
  • Your lease at the current property has ended, or is about to end, and you are not able to / do not want to extend it.
  • Your business is located in an outdated building that requires significant investment in renovation and maintenance, in terms of both financial resources and time (working days, management resources, etc.).
  • Expansion in your business activity or, alternatively, streamlining or downsizing processes.
  • You have reached a natural stage in the evolution of the organization.
  • Future expected growth or shrinkage.
  • Incompatibility – your offices do not reflect the company’s values, corporate culture, or the image you want to convey.
  • Employees are not satisfied with the office conditions, services, or location (access to public transport, parking issues, etc.).

When moving to new offices or a new commercial complex, one of the most important and complex decisions is the choice of location. Here we have gathered several issues you should consider before coming to a decision:

  • Distance – It is important to take into account where your employees live when choosing a location for your new offices. The more staff you have, the more difficult it is to move away from major cities, because the location must be attractive to a large number of employees. On the other hand, those companies that do decide to move out of the central region are often able to hire high-quality staff at a generally lower cost.
  • Cost – Due to high demand and high occupancy rates of offices in Israel’s central region, office prices and rents in city centers and the most in-demand industrial areas (Ramat HaChayal, the Bursa, Raanana and Kfar Saba business districts, Rehovot Science Park, etc.) continue to rise every year. This is why many companies are electing to leave the central region and establish their headquarters in areas where they can enjoy larger and more modern new offices at significantly lower costs.
  • Taxes, Fees & Tax Benefits – Local taxes can be a major expense for businesses, especially in the case of large companies that require thousands of square meters of office or logistics space. It is therefore vital to check local tax rates in advance, when considering relocating to other cities. In most cases, you will find that the further you get from the central region, the lower the tax rates will be. You may even be able to enjoy tax benefits in certain areas where the government wants to stimulate growth.
  • Accessibility, Traffic Jams & More – Accessibility is a make or break factor for your office location, for employees, customers, and suppliers. When employees have to deal with traffic jams that amount to 3 hours of commuting every day, their wellbeing, satisfaction, and efficiency suffers as a result.
  • Ease of access to public transport, the train, and the light rail.
  • Parking – Parking solutions for employees and visitors.
  • Proximity to Customers, Suppliers & Infrastructure – Ask yourself how important it is to be close to your customers, your suppliers, or other services and required infrastructure. This can be a major factor in deciding where to locate your new offices.
  • Attractive Work Environment for Employees & Customers – A stylish modern complex with a pleasant atmosphere, close to a mall, shopping center, or commercial boulevard (stores, cafes, restaurants), gym, pool, park, and so on, will help your employees feel more satisfied and spend less time on the road, and more time at work. For your customers, offices that reflect the nature of your business and position it correctly will become an important, inseparable part of your image, as well as playing a significant role in their decision to do business with you.
  • Municipal services provided in the city you are considering.
  • Image & Promotional Considerations – A location, such as a busy intersection or main road, can be a competitive advantage and enable promotion through prominent signage. Alternatively, a location in a successful commercial center or on a bustling street can promote interaction with customers for stores, service centers, and restaurants.
  • Think About the Future – Options for the future are another important consideration when selecting your new location. Do you have the space to expand if you want to do so in the future? Is this an area with growth potential? When you want to sell (if you own the property), will you benefit from price increases in the area?

Success Stories

איירפורט סיטי, בלגרד

Airport City Belgrade

A large 100,000sqm business park occupied by the world’s leading companies, and serves as the Group’s income-producing property. An additional stage is now being opened, which will include an extra 86,000sqm

More about the project
מגדל השחר, גבעתיים

Hashahar Tower, Givatayim

In a winning location, Hashahar Tower invites you to look out over the city from the second-highest skyscraper in Israel.

More about the project

Rogovin-Tidhar Tower

The strategic location and the carefully designed combination of Business and Pleasure, have turned Rogovin Tidhar Tower into a success story.

More about the project
בית תדהר, רעננה

Tidhar House, Ra’anana

An 8-floor office and hi-tech building on Tidhar Street, which serves as the headquarters of the Tidhar Group and is leased to a number of high-tech companies

More about the project

iTech Park ,Ra’anana

A high-tech park including 6 advanced office buildings of 8 floors each, with a total area of about 68,000 square meters, connected by a commercial avenue.

More about the project

Wix, Tel Aviv

The new Wix campus, near the beach in northern Tel Aviv. The project is being constructed by the Tidhar Group For Canada Israel

More about the project
מרכז מסחרי, הוד השרון

Commercial Center, Hod Hasharon

A 2-floor commercial center in a residential neighborhood, built to Tidhar standards

More about the project
HI YAM, בת ים

HI YAM, Bat Yam

A 34-floor luxury residential tower, in the city’s new Park Hayam neighborhood, a walk away from the beach

More about the project
Sea View, הרצליה

Sea View, Herzlia ,Herzlia

A spectacular 8-floor business center built to the highest standards, with glass picture windows offering marvelous views.

More about the project
בית התמר, רעננה

Tamar House ,Ra’anana

Tamar House, in Ra’anana’s northern industrial area, was designed and built to high standards in order to provide maximum comfort and functionality for you and your business
Buildings in the project

More about the project
CU רמת החייל

CU Complex, Ramat Hachayal ,Tel Aviv

A prestigious business park in a strategic location in Ramat Hahayal, which includes 4 office buildings of 4-8 floors and an attractive commercial avenue – home of the large North Market food court

More about the project

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