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פסגת רעות, מודיעין

Pisgat Reut, Modi’in

20 private homes in Modi’in, built to the Tidhar standard of quality.

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פרוייקט מבשרת ציון, ירושלים

Mevasert Zion

8 combined homes in Mevasert Zion

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מגדל יובלים, הוד השרון

Yuvalim Tower, Hod HaSharon ,Hod HaSharon

A quality residential tower in the rural and pastoral area of Hod HaSharon

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נאות השרון, כפר יונה

Neot Hasharon, Kfar Yona

120 two-family homes built according to the Tidhar standard of construction and quality.

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גד בן דרור, פתח תקווה

Gad Ben Dror, Petah Tikva

An 18-floor building in Petah Tikva, for a purchase group

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באוהאוס צהלה

Bauhaus, Tzahala ,Tel Aviv

A unique and spectacular Bauhaus-style complex comprising of 16 units divided into 4 buildings in the prestigious villa neighborhood in the north of the city

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HI YAM, בת ים

HI YAM, Bat Yam

A 34-floor luxury residential tower, in the city’s new Park Hayam neighborhood, a walk away from the beach

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נאות גדרה

Neot Gedera

122 spacious cottages, built by Tidhar for Army families

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גני אביב, לוד

Aviv Gardens, Lod ,Lod

A mega project consisting of thousands of residential units in apartment buildings and private homes.

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אחוזת קדם, ראשון לציון

Ahuzat Kedem, Rishon Lezion ,Rishon Lezion

Four 6-floor buildings built for Rogovin in Rishon Lezion

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אי וילג’ E-Village, הוד השרון

E-Village, Hod Hasharon

A 16-story “smart” residential tower that we built for ILDC in Hod Hasharon. The project was designed and built in a “smart” concept that includes a variety of digital services, multimedia and Internet.

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Be’eri Neharde’a, Tel Aviv ,Tel Aviv

A 32-floor luxury tower which includes 75 magnificent apartments, built on a very short schedule and has become an icon of quality in the Tel Aviv skyline.

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מגדלי קרסו, פתח תקווה

Carasso Towers, Petah Tikva ,Petah Tikva

Four 20-floor buildings in the well maintained Em Hamoshavot neighborhood.

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Marom Ganim, Petah Tikva

3 uniquely designed 10-floor buildings and an additional 18-floor building, all built to high quality standards.

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Tidhar on the Park, Psagot Afek

A perfect neighborhood for families, with 1,036 units in 20 buildings and a spacious park, which was completed and populated in only 4 years!

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