The Value Chain

The value chain represents Tidhar’s unique ability to harness all of its divisions and departments to create synergistic value. This directly leads to higher quality projects, efficient management, compliance with schedules, and full adaptation to the individual needs of each customer, whether that customer is a resident, a developer, or a business. It also reflects our method for ensuring complete satisfaction and results that surpass expectations.

Initiation & Business Development

Real estate development is a complex multidisciplinary world that brings together external authorities, planning, construction, financing, technology, the law, and more. Understanding that only the most cohesive organic management, where everyone involved in the project is on the same page in terms of pursuing success and the customer’s best interests, leads to the right results, we established a specialist internal division at Tidhar. The division is staffed by company employees and implements a complete service and solution strategy under one roof. The division inclues departments for project management (for the developer) and engineering design, so that the end result provides quality, operational efficiency, budgetary responsibility, and punctuality.

The division operates with transparency and uncompromising professional standards, in full compliance with the developer’s schedule, while providing creative and complete solutions to evolving challenges.

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Land Improvement

This department is dedicated to the improvement of properties acquired by the company and its partners. At any given moment, it is managing around 50 city building plans, which represent Tidhar’s activity backlog. The city building plans advanced under the Tidhar Method are instrumental to the design and formation of the neighborhoods, complexes, and overall urban fabric that will be established in the city. At the program level, they determine the scope of the construction, the levels, approaches, and design, as well as the quality of the surrounding area: pedestrian and bicycle paths, eco-friendly construction, trees, gardens, and the many ways in which we can create a pleasant environment adapted to a healthy lifestyle, using the most advanced technologies.

The best professional urban planning management ensures the quality of the projects, as well as all the buildings constructed within their context in the future, thereby underlining its importance. This is where we sow the seeds of quality to ensure optimal results and environmental planning, in compliance with the customer’s schedules and budget.

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Project Permit & Planning Management

Tidhar’s project management division supplies advanced management services that accompany and support the entire value chain throughout the Group’s work – from the birth of the project in business development, through improvement, planning, permit application, and construction processes, until the project is completed and the residents move in. These management services provide a complete supportive package for the developer and all planning and construction elements of the project, while also taking an in-depth professional look at all of its various aspects, including the schedules, budget, quality, and contents of the work that support all of the Tidhar Group’s products and services.

Within the project planning and management division, a team of managers, engineers, and architects forms a unique fabric of experience and creativity. Our experience has taught us that the way to create value, build quality, and operate intelligently for our customers is to focus on managing planning at every stage.

Under the Tidhar Method, we go further and believe that quality can only be guaranteed when the entire process is managed within a single company. Our planning partners include some of the most talented and acclaimed architects, engineers, and planners active today. We manage the planning process in an orderly, mutually agreed manner, with stringent, highly detailed control processes that are all performed in house. This takes into account every detail in advance, promoting Tidhar excellence in all areas, including sustainability, environmental planning, and smart construction. This approach, based on many years of experience, is the Tidhar Method that optimizes the entire process, prevents unnecessary waste, saves time, and increases coordination between dozens of planning and engineering aspects. We invest substantial resources in leveraging new technologies because we believe that this is the way to construct the buildings of the future, and efficient, cost-effective properties that maintain their value over the years while providing an exceptional user experience for our customers.

In general, the project management division bridges the warranty and implementation units within the Tidhar Group, ensuring optimal results from all parts of the organization.

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The Tidhar marketing department plays a crucial role in promoting the brand, maintaining the brand’s identity and values, and supporting the company’s services and products, all in order to serve our customers and continue driving business growth. The department performs market research to identify customer needs, analyze the business environment, and identify new opportunities for growth. The department is also responsible for advertising campaigns, organizing events, producing materials, and developing marketing strategies.

The marketing team closely cooperates with the sales department to uphold transparency, reliability, and compatibility between the advertised products and what is offered to the customer in the showroom. Furthermore, the department is responsible for developing sales materials, such as renderings, brochures, and presentations, while offering full support to teams in the field.

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The Tidhar sales team consists entirely of Tidhar professionals, who receive in-house training and work to provide the very best service to customers. The team is responsible for giving customers personal support and maintaining relationships with customers, understanding their lifestyle and needs, with maximum customization throughout the sales process.

Our salespeople play a critical role in negotiating deals and ensuring customer satisfaction. The team works closely with the marketing department to develop sales materials and identify new growth opportunities.

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Tidhar performs construction for residential, office, and commercial projects of any size and scope. Its clientele includes real estate developers, landowners, and Vacate & Build projects, with each service and solution being adapted to the individual customer’s needs.

The Group’s construction division ranks among the three largest construction companies in Israel, and its high quality standards, together with the use of advanced technology to improve processes and outcomes, have made it a household name in the industry.

At Tidhar Construction, we examine everything from the customer’s perspective, offering a diverse, customized service package designed to generate maximum economic value in each project.

The project management team works with the engineering department to plan and implement engineering and operational solutions, as well as to define quality control processes for the steel frame and fitout works. The engineering department’s extensive experience helps the project management team to make the optimal decisions and perform the necessary controls in order to ensure the safest, highest quality construction.

Tidhar’s structural engineers perform a safety check of all critical construction elements in cooperation with the steel frame designer, with the goal of detecting potential failures in the engineering design. This helps to minimize the occurrence of planning errors. The check is integral to the basic service provided by Tidhar Construction, in the belief that we and the developer are full partners in the success of the project.

Alongside the construction division, Tidhar operates a large professional logistics system that offers a range of comprehensive solutions, including a spacious logistics warehouse, an aluminum plant and a mold production plant, welding and electrical workshops, and a vast array of technical equipment that even extends to dozens of cranes, freight elevators, and more.

This logistical support presents a professional response to the needs of project teams in all fields of activity and gives Tidhar a significant operational advantage, which is reflected in shorter schedules, maximum flexibility, and the ability to adopt the best solution in any case. All of this is in addition to fully controlling the production processes and upholding the highest quality standard.

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Coordination of Customer Alterations

Tidhar operates a “Planning Coordination” and customer alteration team of around 40 architects and interior designers. This team provides personal guidance to customers from the day the building permit is received, through construction, until the property is handed over. These professionals hold introductory meetings with customers, coordinate expectations and educate about the construction process, and offer a series of personal consultations on making changes and selecting suppliers. In addition, they take care of producing the adjusted building plans, construction control and supervision, handover events upon completion of the project, and close accompaniment during the occupancy phase.

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As a Group committed to 100% transparency, quality, and excellence in all areas of activity, we undertake to deliver the perfect apartment to each customer – a clean apartment free from defects and fully ready for everyday life, having undergone a stringent quality control procedure and it being determined that the apartment meets our standards.

This is why we utilize a structured method that is unique in the industry to manage the occupancy process. The method includes a handover event, strict quality control, handover tour protocol, handover of possession of the property, orderly and structured delivery of the public areas in development projects, and rapid, easy transition into the warranty period.

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Tidhar’s large professional inspection and warranty department accompanies each customer from the day they take possession of the apartment until several years after they move in. During the first few years, our service team will be on hand 24/7 to take care of urgent issues in the apartment and to ensure you enjoy the perfect residential experience.

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Property Management

Tidhar takes great care to provide its tenants with exceptional service and maintenance. This is why its commercial and business complexes are always managed by the most experienced leading property management companies. Within this framework, we allocate all the necessary administrative, logistical, and human resources required to meet the highest standards as regards system maintenance, security, and repair, as well as the elevators, cleaning services, the parking lot, and all other building systems in order to ensure a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable work routine.

Tidhar offers its customers a wide range of logistical solutions that include handling procurement, planning, production, and assembly of carpentry, artwork, carpeting, accessories, and branding, as well as dismantling, packing, and transporting furniture and equipment to the new offices. Once at the new location, we hook up the computers, hang pictures, take care of employee orientation and onboarding in the new offices, and much more.

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Tidhar invests substantial resources in order to deliver a clean, ready-to-live-in apartment of the highest standards to every customer, and operates one of the largest, highest quality inspection and warranty departments in the industry. Each apartment is delivered only after it has passed stringent QA checks and has been approved as meeting Tidhar’s own superior standards. During the first few years after you move in, our service team is available 24/7 to provide professional, proactive, and attentive service to customers. This all stems from Tidhar’s commitment to customer satisfaction and building excellent long-term relationships.

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