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Textiles for Your Home

Using textiles, such as pillows, curtains, upholstery, carpeting, we can easily dress up the space and add color, warmth, and softness to our design. Using textiles, we can frequently freshen up our home’s design.

Textiles are one of the main stars of the world of home design. They allow for a colorful, interesting, creative interplay of color, pattern, texture, and feel, and help shape the home’s atmosphere and unique character. Since we invest so much of our money and resources in purchasing and designing our home, we’ll usually prefer the more substantial elements, such as coating and large furniture, to have a timeless design that could stay with us for the long run. That is why we often find ourselves living in a monochrome space that relies exclusively on neutral colors and wood. Using textiles such as pillows, curtains, upholstery fabrics, and carpets, we can easily dress up the space to add color, warmth, softness, and joie de vivre. We can also partake in current trends, and frequently refresh up the overall look.


Above all else, curtains provide shade on hot sunny days, maintain a pleasant indoor temperature, and contribute to the home’s sense of privacy. So, when choosing a fabric for your curtain, you need to determine how much light you’d like to filter out and your desired transparency level. For instance, when discussing a window in the common area facing north and overlooking an open view, we recommend a fairly light transparent curtain. For a bedroom window, however, we’ll need greater shading and increased privacy. Furthermore, properly hanging a curtain from floor to ceiling will create an illusion of a larger room. The type of curtain (slide curtains, for example, or roller curtains), its fabric, and its sewing style affect the space’s design style and may be chosen according to your personal preference.


Round or square; short frills or long; ethnic or modern; wool, cotton, straw, silk; carpets enrich the space with texture, add warmth and tenderness, and help define areas and visually divide large rooms. When choosing a carpet, first choose the right size, one that won’t limit the room’s space, but rather complement its size. The carpet should typically be slightly larger than the biggest piece of furniture in the room. In the living room, for instance, the carpet should be a little bit longer than the couch. Having determined the measurements, put some thought into the design style of the carpet and its coloring; a space with a more toned-down design can have a boldly colored and patterned carpet, whereas for a colorful, detail-heavy space you should opt for a carpet that would somewhat balance the design.


Upholstered sofas, armchairs, bean bags, footrests, and headboards allow us to lounge and relax. They create a sense of comfort. The upholstery fabrics themselves can also upgrade the space’s atmosphere and introduce additional texture and color. Be sure to pick out a fabric that is soft and pleasant to the touch, and check its stain-resistance, especially if you have children or pets. If you have several elements in the same space, you could combine multiple different fabrics for a unique, eclectic look.

Decorative Pillows

Even if you don’t consider your taste to be bold, you can play with decorative pillows with varying designs. Your selection of pillows can be colorful or monochrome according to your personal tastes and the home’s style. Combine patterns and fabrics to create a personal, intriguing style which you can change up every so often, just like you update your wardrobe every season.

Bedsheets and Covers

Our choice of bedding has a significant impact on our bedroom, where an intimate atmosphere is particularly important. Its largest and most substantial element is the bed, and so the way you dress your bed is also significant. For an indulgent atmosphere like a luxurious hotel, choose clean white bed sheets. Embellish with large, soft pillow. Or a bedcover with an interesting texture to create a neat, organized look throughout the day and enrich the room’s design.

Everything said in this post is strictly a recommendation. Culpability for use of any products purchased as a result of this recommendation lies solely with the purchasing party.