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Contractor’s Warranty: What is the Law of Sale?

Just like any product we purchase and receive a warranty for, a new apartment also comes with a warranty provided by the contractor who built the apartment. Since an apartment is one of the most significant expenses in our lives, the warranty for it is substantial and critical.

The Law of Sale – the contractor’s warranty for the apartment after its delivery

So how do we know what the contractor’s warranty covers from the moment we receive the apartment, and how do we understand if a discovered fault is within the warranty or not? The answers can be found in the Law of Sale (Apartments) of 1973, which regulates the contractor’s warranty for the apartments they have built.

What is the Law of Sale?

The Law of Sale (Apartments) regulates the relationship between the contractor and the apartment buyers over the years ahead. Its purpose is to protect the buyer and ensure that the contractor does not evade responsibility for defects that may appear after the apartment is delivered. The contractor’s responsibility for fixing defects is divided into two periods.

  1. Inspection Period – After the apartment is delivered, the contractor is considered responsible for defects and their repair unless the contractor proves otherwise. This period lasts between one and seven years, depending on the type of defect. For example, for minor cracks, the inspection period is one year, while for defects in flooring, interior tiling, carpentry, and aluminum, it is two years. In other words, the inspection period depends on the type of defect to be repaired.
  2. Warranty Period – Immediately after the inspection period comes the warranty period, which is fixed and uniform for three years. Unlike the inspection period, during the warranty period it is the buyer who must prove that the defect was not caused by unreasonable use but stems from a defect in workmanship, planning, or materials used by the contractor. Proving this can take time and often a considerable amount of money.

Tidhar is with You in Every Period

Tidhar is a development and construction company that holds the entire value chain of the customer and operates according to a method that allows uncompromising building quality at the highest standards. Tidhar has always stood out for the quality of its product and exceptional customer service under the promise to the customer – to build homes that people love and create only satisfied customers.

Tidhar Group continues to lead the real estate industry and set new standards for product and service, offering – for the first time in Israel – a 10-year warranty for apartments.

Tidhar’s warranty is truly significant for you, the apartment buyers. It provides substantial value and peace of mind. This exceptional value proposition underscores the importance of the developer and contractor in the set of considerations for purchasing an apartment – it matters who you buy an apartment from!

This is the first time a real estate company has provided a warranty to its customers beyond what is required by the Law of Sale.

For information regarding the scope of the extended warranty and its conditions, as well as a list of participating projects, please refer to the warranty regulations published on our company’s website.

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