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Tidhar Warranty 10 Years
מגדל רוטשילד, תל אביב
מגדל רוטשילד, תל אביב

Rothschild 10 ,Tel Aviv

A unique luxury tower that combines residential, hotel and commercial property in a perfect location on Rothschild Boulevard

Hasolelim ,Tel Aviv

A large-scale project combining commerce and residential spaces in the bustling East Tel Aviv
Tidhar Warranty 10 Years
כוכב הצפון אשדוד קבוצת תדהר (6)
כוכב הצפון אשדוד קבוצת תדהר (6)

Kochav HaTzafon ,Ashdod

Residential, leisure and commercial complex in the new neighborhood in North Ashdod
Tidhar Warranty 10 Years
זכרון ויצמן, תל אביב
זכרון ויצמן, תל אביב

Weizmann-Zichron ,Tel Aviv

Two new boutique buildings, with an impressive architectural design in classic North Tel Aviv
צמרת דן, גבעת שמואל

Tzameret Dan ,Givat Shmuel

The iconic tower constructed by the Tidhar Group and Itai & Chen Gindi in the new neighborhood of Givat Shmuel

Basel ,Tel Aviv

Hi Park, הוד השרון

Hi Park ,Hod HaSharon

The upscale residential tower by the Tidhar Group, and Chen and Itay Gindi Ltd. in a central location of Hod HaSharon West
שרת, תל אביב

Sharet ,Tel Aviv

Tidhar Warranty 10 Years
מבצע סיני בת ים תדהר הדמיות חוץ (1)

Mivtza Sinai ,Bat Yam

Innovative evacuation-construction project in the old Ramat Yosef neighborhood of Bat Yam
ריץ קרלטון, הרצליה
ריץ קרלטון, הרצליה

Ritz-Carlton ,Herzlia

The complex includes a hotel and 82 luxury holiday apartments of international standards, at the Herzliya Marina
אחיסמך, לוד

Ahismach ,Lod

Tidhar Warranty 10 Years

ARTO, Dafna complex ,Tel Aviv

A unique complex that combines residential and commercial in a central location
Tidhar Warranty 10 Years
גיבורים, בת ים

Hagiborim ,Bat-Yam

The “Tidhar Giborim” project is the combination of a winning location in proximity to Tel Aviv with a healthy and beneficial living environment

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