Tidhar Staff | 26.05.2023 | 2 min

Balcony or Not to Be: Your Balcony Can Also Be a Showstopper 

Balconies have become an inseparable part of many homes. They can significantly upgrade our lives, which is why it’s important to take their design very seriously. Here are some of our tips on how to make the most of your balcony.

Balconies have become an inseparable part of many homes. They can significantly upgrade our lives, which is why it’s important to take their design very seriously. Here are some of our tips on how to make the most of your balcony.

Balconies have become an inseparable part of Israeli culture over the years. In many homes, the balcony temporarily becomes a storage space (‘temporarily’ being an understatement). In others, the balcony has several chairs or an old sofa, and people occasionally sit there or turn it into a sukkah over the holidays. However, we believe that with the right design and proper planning, you can turn your new balcony into yet another room that is both active and effective. You’d be surprised to hear that if you do so, your balcony will become one of your favorite places.

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The climate in Israel allows us to enjoy the outdoors almost every day of the year, making the balcony an important asset with massive potential to improve our daily lives. After you’ve spent so much time and energy planning and designing your home, it’s time to give your balcony some love. Over the years, the Israeli balcony has gone through many changes and advancements. You might even remember that almost half a century ago, homeowners would close their balcony and use it as an additional room, containing a single bed and a narrow two-door closet. 

We’ve gathered here a couple of important points and suggestions. This list is a lifesaver!

  1. The Type of Seating  

Before you finalize the style and design of the balcony, consider how you plan to use it. Would you like to sit outside and have dinner under the stars? If the answer is yes, select a dining table and comfortable chairs. We should mention there’s a wide selection of outdoor seating sets. Just make sure to choose items that can withstand different weather conditions. 

If you’d rather chill outside after the kids fall asleep, or have friends over for a nightcap, “casual” low seating may be more suitable. Perhaps you’d rather use the open space for storing the children’s toys? If you do, choose a narrow bar table and high stools. They won’t take up too much room, but will still allow you to sit comfortably while keeping an eye on the little ones when you’re having guests over.

  1. The Flooring 

Paying extra attention to your balcony flooring can take the design to a new level at a relatively small cost. After all, the balcony is a rather small space. Laying down artificial grass, for instance, can turn the balcony into an attractive playground, even if you don’t have children at home. The pop of color will fill your heart with joy every time you peek outside. You can also consider wood-like ceramic tiles that will frame the space, add warmth, and upgrade the space with minimal effort. Even if you decide to keep the floor as is, you can upgrade it with some accessories. Try placing a mat or a rug, and you’ll be amazed by the results. 

  1. The Wall 

Most balconies have a wall, and we strongly recommend you use it wisely. Any idea will do – hanging pictures, shelves with pots, or a metal grid that can function as shelves and serve as a canvas for your own take on a wall garden. 

  1. Greenery 

Last but not least: potted plants and flowers are a must. You can place a cluster of pots in a corner or frame the entire balcony with plants and flowers. If you’re looking to cultivate your own “balcony garden”, consider both water and electrical sockets. We should also mention that this is a good opportunity to consider installing a gas point for an outdoor kitchen.

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