Careers at Tidhar

We are Tidhar, the leading private real estate group in Israel. The Tidhar Group specializes in several areas – real estate development, residences, offices, urban renewal, fitouts – but above all we are an organization of people that puts people first!

We recognize that our people are the heart of the company and crucial to achieving our business goals.

At Tidhar, people enjoy a variety of opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally in the best place to work.

Come and join us!


Why Tidhar?

Being part of the Tidhar family is a real source of strength and pride for all of us. The combination of wonderful people and our unique work method creates an exceptionally powerful and valuable organizational culture. We are building an organization of professionals and constantly strive to serve as leaders and role models.

So come and lead, innovate, and grow with us in Israel’s real estate market.

The Best Place to Work!

Tidhar’s people are proud to be part of a strong, pioneering group that impacts the entire industry. We work in synergy, with mutual support and respect, to achieve the Group’s goals and together uphold the unique Tidhar spirit.

One of our main priorities is to enable personal and professional development within the organization. Tidhar College provides a broad, comprehensive educational solution, both in terms of professional tools and in the development of new skills and personal enrichment.

Since day one, we have been acting from the belief that our people are our most important asset. We are real people’s people and together we create a genuine community that supports and nurtures every member of that community, while always emphasizing equality, respect, acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. This includes building leading, influential teams where we listen to the significant, valuable input of every single person.

At Tidhar, we believe in innovation as a way of life. We dare to act with boldness and creativity, always encouraging curiosity, leadership, and groundbreaking activities. We maintain regular, ongoing contact with various startups in order to promote collaborations and investments, and to nurture the next big breakthroughs in the real estate industry. In this spirit, we enable all Tidhar employees to offer their suggestions on how to improve the Group’s operations at any time, in recognition of their extensive experience and insights.

We put our people first and support them throughout all those important personal and professional milestones. All Tidhar employees enjoy wonderful holiday gifts, fun-filled “Happy TidHour” gatherings, teambuilding days, company vacations in Israel and overseas, family events, participation in sports competitions and activities, a significant discount on a Freefit membership, and much more…

Interview tips from our recruitment team

לינוי גבאי - רכזת גיוס

Tip #1 – Ask Questions

In a job interview, it’s important for both sides to get to know each other. That’s why you should prepare a few questions in advance about the position, the team, and the company. It’s your chance to find out more about the aspects that interest you most and get answers that will help you decide if this is the job for you. Plus, the questions you ask will help us understand your expectations of the workplace and how we can tailor the position to you.

Linoy Gabay
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
רכזת גיוס תדהר אריאל ראובן

Tip #2 – Find Out About the Position

Before the interview, find the relevant job description and go through it line by line. Write down how your experience matches the specific requirements and responsibilities of this job. Remember, it’s not always possible to get a 100% match between your experience and the requirements, but it is important that you know, during the interview, how to highlight the qualifications and skills that will help you succeed in the position.

Ariel Reuven
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
מיה פוטשניק - רכזת גיוס

Tip #3 – Learn About Tidhar

Visit our website and social media pages to learn about life at Tidhar – our work, our people, and our culture. The Tidhar spirit is really unique and a big part of working here. It’s also a great idea to check if you have any friends who already work at Tidhar – they can give you personal insights into their work experience 😊

Maya Potashnik
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
חן רוקח רכזת גיוס תדהר

Tip #4 – Be Prepared

Arrive on time for the interview. It’s even recommended to come a few minutes early so you can be calm and collected for the start of the interview. During the interview, we want to get to know the real you, and not only about your professional suitability for the position. Consider what you can tell us that’s not found in your resume (hobbies, what you do in your free time, personal qualities that are important for us to know about, etc.).

Chen Rokach
Talent Acquisition Coordinator