Tidhar Staff | 26.05.2023 | 2 min

First Date: Prepare for Your Meeting with an Interior Designer 

If you’ve decided to hire an interior designer, you’d best come prepared to your first meeting. How should you get ready? Read our four tips, apply them, and optimize your meeting.

Planning your first apartment is so much fun!

One of the most beautiful and exciting times in a family’s life is carefully building their nest. This period is meaningful, as well as symbolic and practical. It’s full of dreams, desires and thoughts, but also anxiety and stress.  

If you’ve decided to hire an interior designer to help with the planning and design process, we strongly recommend being prepared for your first meeting. The more organized and clear your design requirements are, the more cost-efficient and timely the design process will be.

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Schedule your appointment as early as possible, so you have sufficient time to calmly prepare the following:

1. Grocery List 

Any visit to the grocery store requires a list, and your first meeting with the interior designer shouldn’t be any different. Examine every aspect of your life as if you’re observing it for the first time. Explore what feels comfortable and works for you in your existing apartment. At the same time, prepare a list of everything that isn’t quite right, things that might annoy you or make you uneasy.

For instance, is it useful or not to have a drawer in the foyer where you can place your keys when leaving the house? If you have a special hobby, does its related equipment block the hallway passage? 

When we live in a space that isn’t tailored to our needs, we tend to find temporary solutions that don’t work for us in the long run. If your family enjoys camping, for example, it should plan a dedicated storage space for their camping gear. These needs should all be shared with your designer.

  1. Dream List 

In addition to a list of comfortable and uncomfortable things in your current routine, we highly suggest preparing a dream list. This list shouldn’t include any budget consideration, practicality or applicability. Think about your every indulgence. This by no means implies that all those dreams will be fulfilled, but you might be surprised by the solutions your designer can come up with. 

  1. Pictures 

When you sit down for a meeting with your designer, you might hear a lot of new terms. Some might be technical, while others refer to design styles or different shades. For instance, if the designer drops the phrase “rustic kitchen”, some people might think about a dark wood kitchen, orange terracotta tiles, and a set of pots and pans hanging over a kitchen island. Others will envision a light design with shades of white, framed doors, and black kitchen appliances. 

To avoid any confusion, we recommend taking some time to research and save pictures of items that you like. The images don’t have to be of design pieces; you can find images of a bouquet of joyfully vibrant flowers, or a dream destination. All these can help your designer have a better understanding of who you are and what you like, and as a result, create a design that reflects your personality. 

  1. Budget 

You should decide on your home design budget in advance, and present it to the designer at your very first meeting. In our experience, this will prevent future misunderstandings and suggestions from the designer that you won’t be able to pass on, yet would exceed your budget.

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