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A home is far more than four walls. It’s the place where we live, love, study, work, host friends, start a family, and experience all those special moments in life. Because we understand this, Tidhar builds homes that enable a better, safer, healthier lifestyle.

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Satisfied Families

Tidhar. Building for You.

Building a home for people means touching on everything that is really important – your quality of life, your feeling of togetherness as a family, and having a space where you can grow. This is where your values meet our principles. We follow these principles in every aspect, through our advanced construction methods, attentive service, and personal guidance for every customer.

Tidhar is a private real estate group that is one of the largest in Israel and the most established in the industry. Since 1993, Tidhar has built hundreds of projects in Israel and we have already delivered more than 20,500 apartments to satisfied families, all of which are infused with the unique spirit of the Tidhar Group. Today, we are still considered pioneers in the realm of planning and construction technologies, and we are the only company that conducts the entire construction process – initiation, architectural design, planning, construction, and warranty – all under one roof, while aiming to provide you with the same standard of quality and service, every step of the way.


Get More with Tidhar

Our comprehensive personal service is designed to make your path to a new apartment as easy and convenient as possible.

Customer Service

Professional, personal, and proactive customer service is one of our core values. Thanks to one of the best service departments in the industry, as well as the skilled professionals behind it, we are always by your side every step of the way, from purchase, planning, and construction, to the warranty period and far beyond. Everything is managed by a dedicated center that specializes in service and is available for every need.

Building Value for You

At Tidhar, we build homes and offices that people love, enabling a better, safer, healthier life.
From entire neighborhoods to luxury boutique complexes, in every project we have performed, Tidhar’s unique signature is clearly seen – uncompromising construction standards, a caring people-first approach, and creating real value for customers.


One Address for Development & Construction

In order to ensure you 100% confidence and 100% security, we do everything under one roof – initiation, planning, permits, marketing, construction, service, and quality control. Even when we undertake construction for other developers, you still have a single address for every need and concern.


Staying on Schedule

From the very first home we built, to today, we have always made sure to meet our commitments to our customers, including the predetermined schedules, so that the handover of the apartment suits your plans and daily routine.


Reputation & Experience from Hundreds of Projects

Our construction division, including its professional teams, is based on in-depth experience, advanced information systems, and a unique project planning and management method. All of these factors make Tidhar one of the largest construction companies in Israel, while also being synonymous with quality and professionalism.


Quality Control

Tidhar has a unique quality control system that accompanies the entire project planning and construction process from A to Z. Each apartment, throughout all of our projects, is under stringent supervision at every stage, and is only delivered to the customer when it meets all the requirements of the Israeli construction standard.



Tidhar is the only company that uses advanced 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies, from the planning and permit stage, through construction and resident alterations, to the inspection period. This enables us to provide you with the highest standards of planning, construction, and finishing within the shortest schedules. These technologies also allow us to offer you a virtual tour of the property with 3D glasses.


Your Apartment Buying Guide

What’s the best way to buy an apartment? How can you be sure that the sales contract protects your interests? What should you check when purchasing a new apartment from a contractor? What is the planning coordination process? And how can you guarantee that you will receive the apartment on time? This special guide we prepared for you will provide all of the answers.

The below information does not constitute mandatory and/or comprehensive advice and/or a recommendation. It constitutes marketing information only, and expert advisors must be consulted on your behalf prior to performing any action, including in relation to any or all of the below information.

Buying an apartment is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and probably the biggest and most complex as well. We understand that this decision is therefore accompanied by more than a few question marks, concerns, stress over making mistakes, and the hope that you can get through the whole process in the smoothest, most convenient way – until the day you can relax, carefree, in your new apartment, and for long after that.

The best advice we can give you is to be proactive. Don’t just sit back and cross your fingers. Check out the area where you are looking for an apartment yourself, including the various projects available and the companies behind them. Find out what company is building your home, whether it is reliable, and what its financial situation looks like. Go to the other projects it has built and chat with the residents. It is also very important to look into the quality of the plans, the supplied specifications, the company’s record of compliance with commitments and schedules, and the warranty. Make sure you will always have someone to contact, even after you have received the apartment.

A brand new apartment in a new building is not an off-the-shelf product. It is a complex and usually expensive residence, built manually over several years and specifically adapted to your needs. When buying an apartment “on paper,” you need to take into account the fact that the construction process usually takes a number of years. You will need to prepare for this lengthy period of time. Customers are not always aware of the commitment and hands-on involvement required during the entire construction process. This includes coordinating the design of the apartment, in which customers have to make various decisions about the apartment and its design, adapting the apartment to their requirements and personal tastes, as well as meeting with suppliers and touring showrooms. During the handover period, customers need to prepare for the handover, tour the apartment, and fulfill various obligations and payments, before actually living in the apartment during the inspection period and warranty years.

At Tidhar, we look at the relationship between the buyers and the developer as a kind of “marriage” – a long-term relationship that lasts for years and demands extensive trust, transparency, reciprocity, and partnership. It is therefore important to select a real estate developer that will be fully committed to complying with the terms of the agreement to the letter, with complete transparency, reliability, and responsibility throughout.

Like most real estate agreements, an apartment sales contract is long and complex, containing many meandering legal clauses that are not always clearly understood by those who are not professional insiders.

In general, the agreement is intended to govern the relationship between you (the buyer) and the project developer, coordinate expectations, and precisely define all the important details about the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Under the Sales (Apartments) Law, 5733-1973 (hereinafter: “the Law”), the sales agreement must include the detailed technical specifications of the apartment, as well as the apartment blueprints, the floor plan, and other plans as required by law. So the sales agreement is actually the most reliable and accurate source of information you have about your new apartment. If something does not appear in the agreement, then it is not binding upon you, or upon the other party. This is why we recommend consulting a professional real estate attorney who will guide and represent you through the purchasing process, including before you sign the sales agreement.

The price of the apartment does not usually equal the actual price stated in the sales agreement, because there are various other costs you need to be aware of and take into account, such as:

  • Adjustments, Changes & Additions – We plan all of the apartments in each project in line with a certain finishing standard, which is detailed in the technical specifications attached to the sales agreement. The apartment price only includes what is guaranteed in the sales agreement and detailed in these technical specifications. It does not include any changes and additions you might want to make in order to adapt the apartment to your family’s needs and your personal taste. As a rule, our projects offer you very high quality specifications, but these are not final – everything depends on your own requirements, wishes, and taste. So when you select finishing materials other than those presented in the specifications, or want to make additions not included in the sales agreement and change various parts of the standard specifications, which involve certain costs and work hours, these are not included in the apartment price and must be considered separately.
  • Index Linkages – When you sign the sales agreement, you should be aware that the apartment price is generally linked to various indices – mainly, the Building Cost Index – which can affect the final price of the apartment.
  • Financing Costs – Costs associated with financing the purchase of your apartment, as well as the interest rates related to taking out a mortgage and various loans.
  • Legal Advice – It is highly recommended to engage the services of an attorney who will represent you and protect your interests throughout the purchase process (see “How can we be sure that the sales contract protect us?” above). This is an additional expense that needs to be taken into account, should you choose to do this.
  • Taxes – In Israel, there are various taxes related to real estate transactions, so it is very important to be aware of which taxes are applicable, in accordance with the law and tax planning options, as this has a direct impact on the cost of the purchase. We therefore strongly recommend that you consult a tax advisor before making the transaction, to ensure you understand the tax implications.
  • Additional Expenses During & After Occupancy – When you move in, various other expenses must be taken into account that relate to payments to several parties, such as electrical meter, water meter, and gas connections. There may also be other required payments, such as payments to the homeowners’ association / management company, if any, and of course any necessary municipal fees.
  • Additional Expenses When Moving – Buying furniture and equipment, moving costs, cleaning the apartment, installing certain items, and so on.

Note that the above list is not exhaustive, and we recommend evaluating each individual transaction according to its own unique circumstances, and engaging the services of relevant consultants and experts.

Success Stories

המגדלור ,Lighthouse בת ים

Lighthouse, Bat Yam

An iconic 49-floor luxurious residential tower by YBOX, in the Sea Park neighborhood in Bat Yam, only 500 meters from the beach

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פלורנטין וילג’, תל אביב

Florentin Village, Tel Aviv

A new living experience in the right place in Tel Aviv

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תדהר על הפארק, יבנה

Tidhar on the Park, Yavneh

A mega neighborhood designed by Ilan Pivko, with 998 apartments in 32 buildings, adjacent to a large park, school and two kindergartens.

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יוניק צור גנים, פתח תקווה

Unique Tzur Ganim, Petah Tikva

The new residential project by America-Israel and Luzon Assets, in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in town.

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המיטב, תל אביב

Ha’Meitav, Tel Aviv

The perfect location – in the renewed Bitzaron neighborhood, in the heart of the Tel Aviv scene

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