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10-Year Tidhar Warranty Covering Your Apartment

As of today – and only from Tidhar – you can enjoy a 10-year warranty covering your apartment. Just imagine: complete peace of mind for an entire decade. This is made possible by the “Tidhar Method” – a comprehensive method of planning and construction that ensures outstanding quality at every stage and in every aspect of building your home. It’s our way of giving you full confidence in the process, the results, and the value of your apartment over time.
*For details on the warranty’s terms and scope, as well as its content and components and a list of the eligible projects, please see the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions

Full Warranty Terms & Conditions

The 10-Year Tidhar Warranty – What does it cover*?

Aluminum Frames
Sliding doors and windows.
Front door, interior doors, safe room door and window.
Repair of defects related to construction quality.
The warranty also applies to sanitary ware.
Exterior Walls
Repair of exterior wall sealing and cladding.
Flooring & Wall Cladding
Detachment, bumps, or subsidence of flooring and wall cladding.
Thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.
The warranty covers repairs up to 3 times in the 10-year period.

*The warranty’s terms and scope, as well as its content and components, including those in each of the below categories, are subject to and as specified in the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions on our website.

*The list of the eligible projects can be found in the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions on our website.

The Tidhar Method- Giving You That Extra Benefit

Behind every Tidhar building is meticulous compliance with a professional construction process, including quality control processes, that has been designed to give you complete confidence in the quality of your new apartment. This meticulous compliance enables us to be the only company offering a 10-year warranty on our buildings and apartments


What is the basic warranty under the law?

According to the Israeli Sales Law, there are two periods relating to defects in an apartment.

Inspection Period – The inspection period begins on the day the apartment is handed over to the buyer and generally lasts between 1 and 7 years, depending on the nature of the defect. If a defect is discovered in the apartment during the inspection period, the seller is obliged to repair it, unless it is proven that the defect is a result of incorrect or unreasonable use of the apartment, poor maintenance, and so forth.

Warranty Period – As of the end of the inspection period, a 3-year warranty period begins for each type of defect. During this period, the liability of the seller to repair the defect is subject to the buyer proving that the defect is due to the design, work, or materials used by the seller, and the buyer providing such proof and findings to the seller.

The “Tidhar Method” enables us to offer a warranty that significantly expands the coverage provided under the Israeli Sales Law and grants our customers 10 years of inspection coverage in eligible projects (replacing both the “inspection period” and “warranty period” defined by law). That’s because we know that every step of the planning and construction has been performed with the utmost care, ensuring the highest quality standard, without compromises.

*For details on the warranty’s terms and scope, as well as its content and components and a list of the eligible projects, please see the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions on our website

  • *The company reserves the right to alter the list of eligible projects periodically.
  • * All CGI is for illustration purposes only
  • *E&OE


The 10-year warranty is provided for the eligible projects listed under the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions on our website

It’s great that you’re considering buying an apartment and joining the Tidhar family. To answer your question: no, the 10-year warranty does not increase apartment prices in the eligible projects.

The 10-year warranty covers all of the apartment’s main infrastructure, such as: electrical systems, plumbing, window frames, flooring, insulation, doors, sanitary ware, and so on. The list of components included in each type of infrastructure can be found in the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions on our website.

Certain components installed in the apartment, such as electric motors (for blinds/shutters), the kitchen and countertops, bathroom cabinets, electric heater, intercom, air conditioning, grout, and vents – the components that are exposed to more intensive wear and tear due to frequent use – are not included in the extended 10-year warranty. For full details, please refer to the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions on our website.

Of course, in the case of the components that are not included in the extended 10-year warranty, you will still be covered by the warranty for the inspection period and the standard warranty period afforded by the Israeli Sales Law.

The Benefit will be given solely in relation to the work/items/components as detailed below:

Work/Item/Component Details Notes
Apartment Electrical Grid Outlets, lighting sockets, electrical switchboard, smoke detector. Smoke detector – does not include battery replacement.
Sanitaryware – Faucets, Toilets & Sinks Faucet (providing it has not been removed / removed and reinstalled).

Sink, bathtub, toilet, shower enclosures.

Toilet cisterns – seals, flush buttons.

Does not include descaling or repair of damage caused by limestone residue and/or rust and/or improper cleaning.

Faucet – providing it has not been removed / removed and reinstalled.

Cracks in Interior Walls Does not include holes in the walls caused by any act/omission/actions of the Buyer and/or anyone on its behalf (including as a result of hanging pictures / putting up shelves / using screws, etc.).

Repair of cracks during the Extended Inspection Period (that is, beyond the period stipulated in the Sales [Apartments] Law) will be carried out in the form of 2 repair procedures that will be provided collectively to the relevant building residents, in which repairs will be performed on the specific apartment walls where cracks are located (and not to the entire room).

Insofar as the wall on which the above repair is carried out is painted in a color other than the original color provided by the company, the painting of the wall by the company at the conclusion of the repair will be performed subject to the Buyer providing paint in the relevant color no later than the day on which the crack repair is completed.

Acoustic Insulation Deficiencies in system functioning.
Thermal Insulation Deficiencies in system functioning.
Flooring Detachment, floor rising of subsiding Does not include breakages and/or cracks and/or scratches.
Aluminum Window Frames Locks, rollers, brush seals, frame detachment. Does not include electric motors, breakages, glass, scratched aluminum, or scratched windows.
Doors Interior doors – door orientations, handle, lock, door swelling. Does not include scratches and/or breakages.
Safe room door – orientation, lock, rubber seals. Does not include scratches and/or breakages.
Front door – door orientation, lock, bolt, sill. Does not include scratches and/or breakages.
Safe Room Window Locks, rollers, brush seals, misaligned frame, window orientation, rubber seals. Does not include scratches and/or breakages.
Plumbing Water system, sewage system, and sprinkler system.
Sealing of Exterior Walls (Apartment) Infiltration of water from outside into the apartment, via stone or via aluminum window frames.

Roofs of apartments on the top floor (insofar as the purchased apartment is in the top floor).

Cladding of Exterior Walls (Apartment) Stone and plaster of the apartment walls and balcony – stone cracking/breaking/erosion.

A warranty and insurance cover different things and are not related. This is why an inspection and warranty obligation was established under the Israeli Apartment Sales Law.

Our 10-year warranty covers defects resulting from the construction and installation of infrastructure systems, such as electrical systems, plumbing, flooring, and others. In some cases, the seller stepping in to rectify these defects can reduce the need to file a claim on a home insurance policy. Home insurance, on the other hand, mainly covers external damage caused by improper use, force majeure, fire, and so forth (in accordance with the terms of your specific policy).

First of all, welcome to the Tidhar family! We are very happy that you have joined us and would like to briefly explain this important matter:


In general, we believe that we are only able to commit to a 10-year warranty in projects where Tidhar has been responsible for all aspects of the project, from top to bottom. This is why the 10-year warranty applies solely to apartments in the projects listed in the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions on our website.

However, even if your apartment is in a project where Tidhar only serves as the construction contractor, we can assure you that we always work to ensure that each apartment is built to the highest quality standards, and that we provide you with fast, professional, and attentive service.

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