Rotem Peladot

A quality urban renewal project in the center of Ashdod, in the Rotem Peladot neighborhood which will include 1,436 new units instead of the existing 308 units
Gil Minster & Orit Muhlbauer
In planning

10-Year Tidhar Warranty Covering Your Apartment

As of today – and only from Tidhar – you can enjoy a 10-year warranty covering your apartment. Just imagine: complete peace of mind for an entire decade. This is made possible by the “Tidhar Method” – a comprehensive method of planning and construction that ensures outstanding quality at every stage and in every aspect of building your home. It’s our way of giving you full confidence in the process, the results, and the value of your apartment over time.
*For details on the warranty’s terms and scope, as well as its content and components and a list of the eligible projects, please see the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions

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Rotem Peladot Neighborhood

The city of Ashdod is a center of attraction for apartment buyers, which is reflected in the fact that the city is always at the top of the list of cities where new apartments are sold in Israel. The inherent potential in the city made us promote 3 more new neighborhoods that will contain thousands of new housing units. The first neighborhood among the neighborhoods we are promoting in the southern city is the Rotem Peladot neighborhood, which will be built by the Tidhar Group and will include 1436 new units instead of the existing 308 units. The neighborhood is in the center of the city of Ashdod and will be a center of attraction for young families.

Rotem St, Ashdod

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