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10-Year Tidhar Warranty Covering Your Apartment

As of today – and only from Tidhar – you can enjoy a 10-year warranty covering your apartment. Just imagine: complete peace of mind for an entire decade. This is made possible by the “Tidhar Method” – a comprehensive method of planning and construction that ensures outstanding quality at every stage and in every aspect of building your home. It’s our way of giving you full confidence in the process, the results, and the value of your apartment over time.
*For details on the warranty’s terms and scope, as well as its content and components and a list of the eligible projects, please see the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions

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Tidhar Group and Yuvalim Group invite you to upgrade to Ashdod’s New North. Here, the incredible North Star neighborhood is the new face of the city. The perfect neighborhood for all young families that truly value quality of life alongside a warm community, innovative construction, and the very highest standard of architectural design.

Today, Ashdod is considered one of Israel’s leading cities – a wonderful, vibrant beach town that is rapidly becoming the most in-demand location among young couples. Thanks to the massive transformation that has come to Ashdod’s New North, the North Star neighborhood is moving to the very top of the list, combining excellent educational options with advanced infrastructure, easy accessibility, unique apartments, local commercial complexes, and a business center. Join us in celebrating Ashdod’s next big real estate success story.

כוכב הצפון אשדוד


As a key part of the city’s growth, the New North has been earmarked as a zone for mixed-use development, combining the Lachish River Park with its sports complex (soccer stadium, sports arena, and training fields) and construction for various residential, commercial, and business needs. A large number of urban renewal and Vacate & Build projects are also planned for the area, which will transform Ashdod’s New North, and the North Star neighborhood in particular, into a model of modern living and a massive real estate success story. In order to streamline traffic flow to, within, and out of the city, two new interchanges are currently being planned. Inside the neighborhoods, an efficient public transport network is being planned that will feature smart bus stops, bicycle lanes, and walking paths.

כוכב הצפון אשדוד תדהר פיתוח סביבה
אשדוד מפה סטטית מיקום פרויקט

A new neighborhood that has it all!

North of neighborhoods Alef and Bet, and in the center of the new neighborhoods of Ashdod, close to the BIG Shopping Center and the Star Center, the train station and public transportation.

אשדוד מפה סטטית מיקום פרויקט

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Upholding the Most Advanced Standard

The North Star project in Ashdod was meticulously and comprehensively planned from a sustainability standpoint. At the bioclimatic level (relating to sun, shade, and wind protection), the project complies with Israeli Thermal Standard 1045, which requires increased heat and cold resistance in interior spaces. An A+ energy rating is made possible thanks to reduced electricity consumption and optimal construction, planning, and material selection. Systems to reduce lighting usage will be installed throughout the project, including sensors and timers. In order to further reduce electricity consumption, passive water heating systems and air conditioning systems with an A energy rating will be installed in the public areas. Flow regulators and dual flushing systems will be installed to minimize water consumption. The garden’s irrigation system will also be equipped with a water meter and controller to reduce usage. Systems for treating scale and detecting leaks will also be installed, with 75% of surface runoff and drainage water being used for various project needs while ensuring effective seepage back into the groundwater.

A flora and fauna survey was conducted on the site to ensure preservation of the local environment, including trees within the scope of the project. Efforts were made to avert light pollution at night through the angle and shading of various lights. Open spaces were designed for resident wellbeing, with planning specifically intended to support vibrant street life in accordance with the natural landscape, such as canopies and shading to reduce urban heat. The project made extensive use of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled materials and those that were sourced locally. Many steps were taken on site to minimize the impact of the construction process. Waste separation was managed on site during construction, with additional preparation for waste separation after occupancy. This site was selected, among other reasons, for its excellent accessibility and proximity to public transportation as well as current and planned bicycle lanes. There are also various safe and convenient paths for pedestrians.


Barely Levitzky Kassif Architects & Town Planners (BLK) operates in Israel and internationally, and is recognized as one of the country’s leading firms. BLK has a staff of more than 100 architects and is considered the second largest firm in Israel, with extensive experience designing large-scale projects, including commercial complexes, office towers and residential high-rises, residential neighborhoods, mixed-use projects, logistics centers, hi-tech and industrial facilities, recreation and tourism complexes, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and various other public buildings.

ראול ולנברג, תל אביב

Project Developers

Tidhar and the Yuvalim Group will set up the project together


The Tidhar Group, founded in 1993, is one of the leading real estate groups in Israel. Tidhar is engaged in the development and construction of residential, commercial, and high-tech real estate in Israel and Europe, as well as investment real estate. Since its founding, the Group built thousands of apartments from hundreds of projects in Israel and abroad, and their motto reflects the values of reliability, excellence, teamwork, customer focus and commitment to results and meeting schedules.

The Yuvalim Group has been operating in the real estate industry in Israel since 2000 and specializes in initiating, planning, developing and establishing projects in all areas: housing, urban renewal, commerce, offices and logistics. The group initiates and establishes projects totaling thousands of housing units and hundreds of thousands of square meters of offices, commerce and logistics throughout the country.

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