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Unique evacuation project for the construction of two new residential towers in the Ramat Yosef neighborhood of Bat Yam
Gil Shenhav
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10-Year Tidhar Warranty Covering Your Apartment

As of today – and only from Tidhar – you can enjoy a 10-year warranty covering your apartment. Just imagine: complete peace of mind for an entire decade. This is made possible by the “Tidhar Method” – a comprehensive method of planning and construction that ensures outstanding quality at every stage and in every aspect of building your home. It’s our way of giving you full confidence in the process, the results, and the value of your apartment over time.
*For details on the warranty’s terms and scope, as well as its content and components and a list of the eligible projects, please see the Comprehensive Warranty Terms & Conditions

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The Renewed heart of Bat Yam

The Vacate-Renovate project in Bat Yam’s Ramat Yosef neighborhood, will change the neighborhood and set a new residential standard. The project, located at 25-27 Mivtza Sinai Street in Bat Yam, will involve demolishing two, four-story buildings that include 32 units, and will replace two,12-story buildings with 134 units.

The project planning is led by trusted architect Gil Shenhav whose office specializes in designing high-quality urban renewal projects such as, Green Park in Neve Sharet, Tel Aviv, Rimonei Tidhar in Ramat HaSharon, High Line in Ramat Gan and more. The new complex will breathe new spirit into the old neighborhood and improve the quality of life for its residents.

מבצע סיני בת ים תדהר הדמיות חוץ
Bat-Yam-Harsinai-Map- מבצע סיני בת ים מפה

A green areas on your doorstep

This includes a nearby area that offers residents the perfect opportunity for play, leisure, and relaxation in a green, natural setting. Including spaces for sports activities, sitting, and shaded areas, the park provides community recreation moments from home

Bat-Yam-Harsinai-Map- מבצע סיני בת ים מפה

Canaan ShenHav Architects

Canaan Shenhav Architects was established in 1992 by four architects: Adina and Nissan Canaan, and Danit and Gil Shenhav. The firm specializes in residential neighborhoods, high-rise construction, urban renewal, and the planning of retirement communities.

From boutique buildings to large-scale towers and neighborhoods, Canaan Shenhav Architects has garnered extensive experience and a sterling reputation for planning tens of thousands of residences in projects and neighborhoods nationwide. The firm works with the leading real estate developers active in the residential, retirement, urban renewal, and other fields. It is located in Kiryat Atidim in Tel Aviv and currently employs around 30 architects and engineers.

CANAAN-SHENHAV-כנען שנהב אדריכלים

Michal Ginzburg

Michal Ginzburg Interior Design is a unique independent firm specializing in the planning and interior design of both private and public projects. Michal graduated with bachelor’s degrees from Mercyhurst University and the SADNA Architecture & Design College in Tel Aviv. The firm has amassed many years of experience in handling the planning and interior design of private homes, luxury apartments, model apartments, and sales offices. Its clients include Africa Israel, Ashdar, Kardan Real Estate, Grand House by the Blilious Group, and Srugo Construction.

MICHAL-GINZBURG-מיכל גינזבורג עיצוב פנים

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