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תוכן ראשי
Solelim, Tel Aviv1 Solelim, Tel Aviv1
Solelim, Tel Aviv2 Solelim, Tel Aviv2

A modern complex at the main entry to Tel Aviv

The planned project, which is considered the largest in East Tel Aviv, will include two residential buildings, commercial areas and businesses. The large-scale complex, which will be built between Derech HaShalom, HaSolelim Street and HaHaskalah Boulevard, in an area of about 30 dunams (approximately 7.4 acres), will create a connection between the Yigal Alon axis and the Bitzaron very popular neighborhood.
The project will include two 32-story residential towers with 360 apartments. Commercial areas will be built on the ground floor of the four buildings with a total area of 3200 square meters. The two residential towers will be built along HaSolelim Street, and the two office buildings along Derech HaShalom. The complex will also have public building, commercial areas and green spaces. The project will surround a green boulevard that will be the continuation of HaHaskalah Boulevard that exists today, and will connect to Derech HaShalom, and HaSolelim Street.

High Accessibility

High Accessibility

To major arteries and public transportation

Green Spaces

Green Spaces

Public buildings and a picturesque boulevard along commercial and residential areas

Perfect Location

Perfect Location

At the Tel Aviv Business and Trade Center

HaShalom, at the corner of HaHaskalah

A huge complex that connects Derech HaShalom to the Bitzaron neighborhood, which will change the face of East Tel Aviv.

Project Developers

The Tidhar and Mivne Real Estate Groups will jointly establish the project.

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Adi Goldel – Solelim, Tel Aviv

Adi Goldel – Solelim, Tel Aviv


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