Tidhar on the Park, Yavneh

A mega neighborhood designed by Ilan Pivko, with 998 apartments in 32 buildings, adjacent to a large park, school and two kindergartens.
Ilan Pivko
Sold out
Tidhar Group & Reuven Gan

Tidhar on the Park in Green Yavneh is actually a “small town” in the southern part of the city, which covers an area of about 300,000sqm and includes about 1,000 apartments in 32 buildings, a school, two kindergartens, a synagogue, a shopping center, as well as a spacious park with playground and sports facilities, bicycle and walking paths, an ecological pool and many attractive areas.
This is one of the most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods in Israel.
In addition, we aspired to build a highly distinguished neighborhood, which would be a perfect living environment for families with children. Therefore, instead of starting with the existing Urban Planning Scheme, we changed the Scheme, reduced internal roads and concentrated the green areas into a large park.

The entire project was built and marketed at a record time of about 4 years – about a third of the time customary for neighborhoods of this magnitude.
The first stage of marketing the project was carried out in cooperation with the Hever Club, where we sold 510 units on just one Friday.
Together with Ilan Pivko, the project’s architect who designed the entire neighborhood with a minimum of internal roads and a large and impressive park in its center, we succeeded in building one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Israel. There are 1,000 families currently living here, and they enjoy a rich community activities and high quality of life.

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