Tel Aviv

Raoul Wallenberg

Office and commercial complex with a unique architectural design in Ramat HaChayal, North Tel Aviv
Auerbach Halevy & BLK
Tidhar & YBOX
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An iconic tower in the heart of Ramat HaChayal

Tidhar Group and YBOX are establishing a new complex, which wonderfully and delicately combines innovative office spaces, commercial and urban life in a unique way, which will add charm and interest to the business district of Ramat HaChayal.
The office tower will be built as an architectural icon with a fascinating 20-story structure. The total area of the project will be 23,500 square meters, with about 1,000-1,600 square meters on each floor. The offices will be designed with maximum flexibility in order to divide areas and make it possible to rent out the floors, half of the floors, small offices and more—all customized to a high quality standards and comprehensive specifications.
Architects Auerbach Halevy, and Moti Kassif and Uri Barely from BLK were entrusted with the design of the building, since many of their special projects are changing the urban landscape across the country. The design of the public spaces is being designed by architect Alex Meitlis, a leader in his field.
Commercial and leisure areas will create an avenue that surrounds the tower with green spaces and a nice plaza. The project will be built in the prime location of Ramat HaChayal, in a lively environment with cafes and restaurants and close to the North Market. Additionally, the green line, which will be part of the light rail, is going to be built along Raoul Wallenberg Street, which in addition to the bus and train lines, will significantly increase the ease of getting to the complex.

Areas for rent starting from 1,000 square meters

ראול וולנברג רמת החייל תדהר

Strategic location and easy access to anywhere

Close to main roads, the light rail station, buses and bike paths, leading restaurants and companies and the high-tech center – Kiryat Atidim.

Project Developers

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The Tidhar Group, founded in 1993, is one of the leading real estate groups in Israel. Tidhar is engaged in the development and construction of residential, commercial, and high-tech real estate in Israel and Europe, as well as investment real estate. Since its founding, the Group built thousands of apartments from hundreds of projects in Israel and abroad, and their motto reflects the values of reliability, excellence, teamwork, customer focus and commitment to results and meeting schedules.


YBOX is a boutique company that specializes in real estate investments and development and has residential projects as well as investment properties such as commercial buildings and offices. YBOX’s vision places the customer at the center unique projects. When YBOX offers its customers real estate solutions, it’s merging the client’s dreams with every important detail. Even though the company’s extensive experience is in development and real estate investments, YBOX offers a fresh and dynamic approach to the field: the company focuses on unique projects, which have a cohesive architectural concept, along with high-quality standards that are characterized by meticulous attention to every detail.

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