Shalem 12, Ramat Gan (Vacate-Rnovate)

A luxurious and large-scale “vacate-renovate” project that extends between the Shalem street and Derech Hatayasim
Barely, Levitzky & Kassif
In planning

This is one of the largest “vacate-renovate” projects in Israel, in which Tidhar Group is planning to build a total area of about 30,000 square meters in a residential and commercial complex composed of iconic buildings with spectacular transparency. As part of this grand project, two 4 story residential buildings, with 56 apartments, will be demolished. In their place, construction is planned, in the area from Derech Hatayasim 4 in the west and to 12 Shalem street in the east, of an innovative complex of advanced and luxurious design.
In the complex, an urban square is planned that will connect the streets with a lively avenue that will be surrounded by a garden, seating areas and an underground car park, alongside kindergartens above which will be an office floor. This design is geared to create a pleasant environment for leisure and work, a place it is fun to come to, work in and stay in, which will also provide a pedestrian crossing between the two streets, east to west.
Located above this unique complex, two residential towers will be built that will “float above it”, and their distinctive architectural design, characterized by clean lines and maximum transparency, will complement the complex. These 20-story buildings will be composed of 202 apartments in a wide range of shapes and sizes, all at the highest quality standards that characterize the Tidhar Group. The occupants will enjoy the complex below, the proximity to the green areas of Ramat Gan National Park and access to the central traffic arteries of the Dan region.
The project is designed by the architect firm of Barely, Levitzky & Kassif, that is responsible for iconic and large-scale projects, both commercial and residential, in Israel and abroad, including City Tower in the stock exchange complex, Hashachar Tower in Givatayim, Cinema City in Rishon LeZion, and Mikado Center in Tel Aviv, Neve Savyon in Or Yehuda, and more.

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