Rimonei Tidhar, Ramat Hasharon (Renewal)

Urban renewal project in Ramat Hasharon, launched in a record time of only two years, consisting of 2 residential towers of 19 floors with 192 units
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Tidhar Group

Rimonei Tidhar, the first urban renewal project launched in the Morasha neighborhood in Ramat Hasharon, became an unprecedented success story. Thanks to wonderful cooperation and trust between all parties involved, Tidhar and its partners managed to plan the project in a short time, change the city’s masterplan, obtain building permits, move tenants to alternative housing for the duration and begin construction – all this within only two years from the signing of the agreement. A record time in real estate terms!
In March 2014, Tidhar demolished 48 apartments in three dilapidated row-buildings. Today, the same plot boasts a luxurious residential complex with 192 apartments, in two 19-floor towers, surrounded by a spacious garden with playgrounds, lawns and attractive landscaping.
Instead of old, rundown apartment buildings, the tenants moved back into large and modern apartments, and enjoy a high quality of life. Through branding and marketing the project for Ramat Hasharon residents as part of the city’s regeneration plan, Tidhar managed to position the project as an urban success story and maximize the value of the owners’ new homes.

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