Kiryat Ono

Ono Academic Campus

A multidisciplinary campus of the leading academic institution, which for the first time will unite its branches and combine dormitories and offices
32,000 sqm
Office space
Under construction

The first combination of its kind in academia, with dormitories and offices

Construction has begun on a multidisciplinary and innovative campus of the Ono Academic Campus at the Savyon Junction. In the complex of about 14 dunams, the new campus will be built, which for the first time will unite its branches and will also include student dormitories and offices – all in a lively environment. The Academic Campus will be built in a beautifully designed 6 floors building covering an area of approximately 32,000 square meters.
An 8 floors building of student dormitory room covering an area of about 7,000 square meters with 200 units are being built on campus. The rooms are being built as studio rooms, double rooms, as well as shared spaces.
The entire project is led by the office of Skorka Architects. The practice specializes in the design of public buildings, university complexes and impressive technologies

Bringing the offices close to home

Strategic location in the heart of the country, between Highway 4, Highway 1, one kilometer from Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan and close to Ben Gurion Airport

Project Developers

This is the first business partnership among the Tidhar Group, Harel Insurance Ltd. and the Novard Group.


The Tidhar Group specializes in the development, construction, management and rental of business and high-tech parks, office buildings and commercial and logistics areas in Israel and around the world at a Triple-A rating . To date, Tidhar has built close to two million square meters of commercial real estate and has hundreds of thousands of meters allocated to rentals that benefit from extremely high occupancy rates.

הראל ביטוח ופיננסים

Harel is the largest insurance and financial group in Israel and has more than 80 years of experience in insurance and financial activities. Harel has over 3-million customers in a variety of fields including: health insurance, nursing insurance, dental insurance, travel insurance abroad, general insurance, liability insurance, mortgage insurance and credit insurance, life insurance, pension funds, long-term savings plan, continuing education funds, mutual funds, management Investment portfolios and other financial services. The Harel Group leads the institutional market in the volume of its direct investments in real estate, in Israel and abroad.


The Novard Group is a private company that specializes in developing and providing consulting services and business development by having the advantage in understanding the lay of the land and the secrets of the Middle East. The company was founded and is managed by Major General Yoav (Poly) Mordechai, who until recently served as the head of coordination of government activities in the territories, and by Mr. Sean Bouter, who until recently was a senior member of a security organization. The Novard Group views the connections of civic, economic and humanitarian lives between the West and the Middle East as an opportunity to build bridges and relationships of trust and partnerships for a better future in the region.

A world of opportunities

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