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Kehilat Cleveland

Vacate & Build Project in Tel Aviv’s Neve Sharett Neighborhood
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Vacate & Build Project in Tel Aviv’s Neve Sharett Neighborhood

One of the area’s most beautiful projects is planned to be built on Kehilat Cleveland Street in the Neve Sharett neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

The project spans around 20,000 sqm and will involve the demolition of nine buildings of 3-4 stories on columns. Under a joint plan by Tidhar and the Gabay Group, 242 apartments will be vacated, and the project will be divided into several independent complexes involving the construction of 547 apartments in both high-rise and perimeter-block buildings next to commercial and business areas.

The plan includes the allocation of two lots for public buildings and five lots for open public spaces, as well as the widening and extension of existing roads for the public’s benefit. Great effort has been made to conserve historic trees and preserve the unique qualities of the surrounding area.

Expected Start of Detailed Planning – 2024

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