Acre Logistics Park

Employment and logistics campus, recreation and leisure strip and residential area
430 דונם
Tadhar, Harel & Delek Yam Maagan
Soil and groundwater restoration

Employment and logistics campus, recreation and leisure strip and residential area

Tadhar-Harel Manivim and Delek Yam Agan are building an employment and logistics campus with the scope of hundreds of dunams that will be an employment area south of Acre. At a more advanced stage, a leisure and recreation strip will be added to the complex close to the beach and a residential area that will include about 900 housing units.

The leisure and residential area will have access to a pristine and rare stretch of beach to the west and a nature reserve to the south, and a sports and marine recreation center is planned for it, and of course a waterfront promenade.

עכו קמפוס תעסוקה ולוגיסטיקה הדמיה תדהר הראל (3)
Restoration Procedure

The project site will be built on contaminated land as a result of the operation of an electrochemical industries plant in the past. In light of the level of soil and groundwater pollution, the area has been abandoned since 2003 (then it was closed by order of the Ministry of Environmental Protection). As part of the Tidhar Group’s world view of environmental responsibility, the group undertook to clean and rehabilitate the complex. We consider this mission to be of national-historical importance, for us and for future generations.

The restoration will include the demolition of old buildings, land restoration to the extent of tens of thousands of tons with measures some of which are being carried out in Israel for the first time and will include heating, washing and biological treatment, construction of an acoustic wall and land clearing. The restoration of the groundwater will be carried out through the establishment of an activated carbon-based treatment system that will operate for several years, and the construction of an underground buffer wall between the groundwater and the sea.

The restoration works are carried out under the coordination and supervision of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Water Authority, under safe and sustainable supervision while emphasizing the preservation of the environment, air quality, soil and groundwater.

The works began in December 2022 and are scheduled to continue until the end of 2024.

In the future, the employment and logistics campus will have high accessibility thanks to the route of the railroad tracks that bound it to the east. As part of the project, a cargo terminal for the train is planned directly from the complex with minimal transportation of goods. Beyond the railroad tracks runs the northern part of the coastal road that will connect the complex to Acre, the Kariyat area, Haifa and on to the center of the country.

Project Developers

לוגו תדהר

The Tidhar Group specializes in the development, construction, management and rental of business and high-tech parks, office buildings and commercial and logistics areas in Israel and around the world at a Triple-A rating . To date, Tidhar has built close to two million square meters of commercial real estate and has hundreds of thousands of meters allocated to rentals that benefit from extremely high occupancy rates.

לוגו הראל ביטוח

Harel is the largest insurance and financial group in Israel and has more than 80 years of experience in insurance and financial activities. Harel has over 3-million customers in a variety of fields including: health insurance, nursing insurance, dental insurance, travel insurance abroad, general insurance, liability insurance, mortgage insurance and credit insurance, life insurance, pension funds, long-term savings plan, continuing education funds, mutual funds, management Investment portfolios and other financial services. The Harel Group leads the institutional market in the volume of its direct investments in real estate, in Israel and abroad.


Delek Yam Maagan 2011 Ltd. is a wholly owned (100%) subsidiary of the Delek Group Ltd. which deals in the field of energy in Israel and around the world. Delek Yam Maagan works to locate properties and improve them for diverse needs such as industry, commerce, residential and more.

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