Yad La’Mitzpor Organization

Since 2000, Tidhar Group has run “Yad LaMitzpor” organization, a shelter for underprivileged youth, which supports “Mitzpe Yam” in Herzliya, a closed shelter for youth aged 13-18 who are housed there under juvenile court order. Tidhar gives the youth significant assistance and real prospects for rehabilitation and integration into society.

Most of the youth at “Mitzpe Yam” come from families with low socio-economic backgrounds, have been expelled from formal education frameworks, and some have even deteriorated to crime. Their social and psychological state is expressed in educational and social gaps, and in difficulties in coping with community life.
Yad LaMitzpor was established in order to support the center, in addition to the insufficient budget it receives from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, and provide the youth with real prospects for rehabilitation and integration into normative society,
Tidhar’s CEO, Gil Geva, and the entire Tidhar Group, are involved in volunteer activities at the institution, which entail personal mentoring, funding, supporting and encouraging the youth at the shelter through learning and leisure activities, and most important – providing them with tools for the future – an opportunity to integrate in the Tidhar Group.

Amongst the projects we undertook during the last few years:

Establishment of a professional mountain biking group, which gives the youth an opportunity to be exposed to extreme sports, teamwork and the outdoors.
Sports field project – development of a plot near the shelter as a basketball court and soccer field.
Cultural Center Project – converting an old bomb shelter into a cultural center where reading, music and computer classes are held.
Animal Corner – recruiting landscape architect for planning and establishing an animal corner for the youth.
Support of day-to-day activities: purchase of air conditioners for classrooms, installation of benches, gardening, sports equipment and activities, purchase of camping equipment for trips, gifts for boys, dental care and more.
Dealing with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ Trust Fund, in application for grants. We then used the grants to purchase equipment for a drama class (stage, video camera, amplification equipment) and lighting for the yard.
Raising funds.