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Success Based on People

The human mosaic of its exceptionally skilled people is at the very heart and core of the Tidhar Group and the secret of its success. If personal excellence, professionalism, and teamwork define you, and you wish to be a partner in building the country – this is the place for you! We invite you to join the Tidhar family and enjoy a challenging and supportive work environment that offers opportunities to learn, influence, develop, advance and be part of an organization at the forefront of the real estate industry.

Tidhar Group invites you to join our winning team, to harness your talents, abilities, experience, your innovative thinking and passion for your profession, and to apply all these qualities within an organization of the highest quality and professionalism, and top of its field in Israel. We at the Tidhar Group believe that the best way to create real value for our employees, customers and business partners is based on people. Tidhar is a professional home, a warm and challenging home for hundreds of dedicated employees, who have grown and developed within the Group and constantly contribute and reshape its corporate culture. Together, Tidhar’s people constitute the Group’s human capital – its greatest and most treasured capital.

It is thanks to our people that Tidhar Group, Israel’s largest private real estate company, is proud of its record of over 250 residential projects, public structures and industrial and hi-tech complexes in Israel and overseas, winning it a reputation as the leading, highest quality construction company in Israel, a role model for the entire industry.

"To be an Israeli company that is the finest workplace, that is a home and a source of strength and pride for its employees - that enables each employee to grow and reach his or her full potential" – a quote from the Tidhar Group Vision.
As a robust and cohesive group of high-quality people with a similar set of values, acting as a real team, Tidhar's people have together created established a value-driven and distinctive organizational culture, serving as the foundation for its activities in all areas of the Group's operation. This culture, which we call the "Tidhar Spirit", continues to serve as an organizational compass, direct the Tidhar path over the years.
Tidhar's driving values - reliability, quality, focus on the customer, personal and organizational excellence, commitment to results, teamwork and strict adherence to timetables – guide the Group in all its work and constitute its organizational DNA. These values are also the personal values of each and every one of its executives and employees, who make their mark, day in day out, on the Group's range of products and services.
Every Group employee must meet two primary criteria in order to work at Tidhar – professional skills in his / her field of expertise, and suitability to our organizational culture. Tidhar employees share a common language, unique work practices and the same set of values. Tidhar's strength is based on the excellence of its employees and, even more so on their spirit and the dynamics that evolve between them – or in other words, on teamwork. The respect, support, appreciation, desire to share and work in a team to achieve the common goal - make all the difference.
Joining the Tidhar family means becoming part of a high-quality, respected and empowered community of people who view Tidhar as a home and are at the very forefront of the real estate industry in Israel. At Tidhar you can work on the largest and most complex projects in Israel, lead the real estate field, always be at the forefront of innovation and technology, learn, grow, assimilate new planning and execution methods together, enjoy promotion opportunities, financial and professional security and stability over the long-term. Tidhar is a growing organization, offering diverse professional and personal development opportunities in a variety of fields - entrepreneurship, construction, planning, hotels, finishing work, urban renewal, project management and more.
Tidhar invests extensive resources in creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment for its employees that enables them to grow through training and learning systems, personal and professional development, and wide-ranging and varied activities for the benefit of employees and their families.

Our Values

גיל גבע, יו"ר הקבוצה, דירקטור ומייסד - תדהר

Real Value

"We invest our best managerial, human and logistic resources in order to provide the highest value to both Tidhar employees and the company's customers."
איילת בורנשטיין, סמנכ"לית משאבי האנוש - תדהר

People Like You

"At Tidhar you will meet people like you - high-quality, educated, at the highest level. People who can be trusted 100 percent."
שירלי דוידי, הנהלת חשבונות - תדהר

The Tidhar family

"Fun to work for a company that develops and rewards its employees, and is a second home and family for them.”
ניסים קמחי, מנהל הדרכה - תדהר

Supportive Environment

"The work environment at Tidhar is challenging and praiseworthy. One that allows you to learn, to progress and grow."
רועי תורג

A big challenge

"The work at Tidhar allows me to take part in the big projects, the most interesting and special ones in Israel. It's a wonderful challenge."
מיה פוטשניק, מנהלת משאבי אנוש - תדהר

Work Atmosphere

"The atmosphere here is very homey and supportive. My co-workers are also friends for life."
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