Building a Career

How do I get a job at Tidhar Group? Does work at Tidhar ensures job stability? Do I have where to aim and grow professionally? The answers to all your questions about landing a job at Tidhar.

בואו לעבוד איתנו

Tidhar Group offers suitable candidates a variety of options for employment and advancement in numerous positions. To be hired you need to meet the requirements for the specific post, undergo an interview, reliability exam and additional tests according to the job requirements. In general, you need to comply with two key tests: One is professionalism and excellence in your field, and the second is suitability to the Tidhar corporate culture, team spirit and course of conduct.

The number of engineers and academics employed at Tidhar is particularly high, and they account for nearly 70% of our employees. For them, Tidhar is a professional “home”, which enables them to be involved in some of the most complex and major projects carried out in the country. Here they can learn, flourish and maximize their potential. Tidhar provides its employees with challenges and considerably invests in training systems and learning within the framework of continuous improvement. For you, working at Tidhar is an opportunity to be at the forefront of the real estate industry, to lead and change the industry every day.

In addition, Tidhar gives its employees a variety of possibilities for personal and professional development. This includes training and mentoring within and outside the organization, learning and mastering the most advanced methodologies of management, planning and implementation, acquiring experience in the most interesting large-scale projects, as well as enjoying diverse activities and enrichment for employees and their families.

A Tidhar Group employee is always sought after, because everyone in the industry knows that Tidhar is the finest school and a source for innovation, quality, professionalism and first-rate service.

Team work is one of the fundamental elements of success at Tidhar. The company’s strength is based on excellence of its employees, but more importantly their spirit and the dynamics which develop between them – the solidarity, mutual respect and the desire to work as a team to achieve common goals.

We believe that the success of a project and the group isn’t achieved thanks to a single “star”, but only as a result of teamwork. That is why we select people who can cooperate and share. Our team grows by developing the ability to accept differences and to understand that every person is a unique contribution to the quality and success of the group.

The integration process of new employees at Tidhar is extensive. It begins on the first day at work and can go on for months, even years. Despite the fact that each new employee is welcomed into the family and everyone helps to get him or her acquainted swiftly, the process of implementing the corporate culture, adopting its values and learning specific Tidhar practices is lengthy. It includes a series of meetings to get familiar with managers and colleagues, gaining experience, personal mentoring, and a variety of vocational training, forums and tours of projects.

Commitment to excellence. Tidhar is committed to the highest standards in all its activities, and adherence to excellence is a guiding principle for every employee. This commitment means attention to details, planning ahead, straightforwardness, constant administration and learning. It begins from the way a document is written to the quality of the assets the company builds.
Working at Tidhar, an organization that expects excellence 365 days a year in all activities, is not an easy task. It is demanding and requires hard work, but those who persevere – are rewarded.

Tidhar is the largest private real estate group in Israel and is considered one of the most stable companies in the Israeli economy. In over 20 years of operation, Tidhar has shown steady growth and has increased the number of projects it initiates and carries out every year, as well as areas of activity.

Tidhar recruits each year dozens of new employees, who go on to serve many years in various roles. This stability, which enables professional expertise on the one hand and strengthens open communication with other employees on the other, is a fundamental must for our success and continued growth in the coming years.

Tidhar invests heavily in the development of its human capital, their skills and professionalism. As one of the leading real estate companies in Israel, Tidhar has adopted unique and advanced methods and technologies of management, planning and execution, which have become models for the entire industry. Tidhar is actually considered a “Real Estate School”, a beacon of excellence, innovation, quality and professionalism, and many of its employees are considered experts in their field.

Tidhar Group is a great believer in the motto “to get, you first have to give”. Therefore it also invests a great deal in training systems and advanced IT, broad knowledge bases, personal mentoring by managers and colleagues, courses, study tours and much more. Most of its managers grew up in company. In this way the group fulfils employees’ ambition to grow and realize their own potential, strengthens corporate culture and maintains ongoing communication between its employees.

Despite its size and rate of growth, Tidhar has managed over the years to maintain its intimate feeling, the family atmosphere and mutual responsibility between employees. In many cases, the Group’s employees are not only friends at work – they are friends for life. In order to create a pleasant workplace, foster productive teamwork, a sense of togetherness and unique corporate culture, the Group invests in numerous beneficial programs, which include events, trips and vacations for employees and their families.

Employees in need of support know that Tidhar and its managers will always be there to provide the necessary assistance.

The ongoing relationship between Tidhar and its employees includes overall feedback, incentives to improve performance, rewarding outstanding employees, creating a healthy home-work balance, a variety of sports activities and competitions within the framework of the Workplaces League, numerous options for giving back to the community, extended health insurance plans for employees and their families, social activities such as “Cinema Club”, and many other benefits.