Tidhar Staff | 13.06.2022 |

Tips for Packing Before a Move

You’re almost at the last stage, as you pack up your life and move into your new home. Before you get stressed, you should read the tips we’ve prepared for you so you can conveniently and properly pack up your home. Good luck!

Your new home is almost ready. The beautiful spaces you’ve planned and designed for so long are now empty and waiting for you, your family and your belongings. A significant stage on your way to happiness is packing your things and transporting them from your current home to the new one. Just before you start dumping your stuff into boxes and loading them into the van, read the following list of tips that will help you get through this stage easily and efficiently.

Packing Up Your Apartment, Easily and Efficiently

  1. Instead of seeing packing as a burden, treat this task as an opportunity to create room for new things and get rid of things you no longer need, which in reality just take up space and collect dust. Other people would probably be happy to receive them, so we recommend donating whatever you can.
  2. Divide your belongings by room and theme, and label every box with its contents. It sounds obvious, but in all the busywork many tend to skip this stage, getting lost in the piles of boxes while unpacking. Accurate labeling of each box will allow you to unpack in stages, by order of importance, and easily find everything you own after the move.
  1. Put small objects in bags, which you can then put in boxes. This simple action will prevent small items from disappearing among the many items and boxes.
  2. Turn this task into a family gathering. Ask your older kids to create three piles: things they want to keep, things they want to give away, and a third pile of things they’re undecided about. Before everything goes in the boxes, go through the piles with them and help them make up their mind about the undecided pile.
  3. Start packing with things you’re not using on a daily basis. Leave the boxes you’ve used to pack useful objects open, so you can access their contents as necessary. In addition, we recommend working systematically and packing the home room by room; finish packing up one room before moving onto the next. 
  4. Match the size of the box to its contents. Books and kitchenware, for example, should be packed in smaller boxes than clothes, linen and towels. You should also fill up every box so things don’t get scattered inside, but be careful not to cram and overload too many things so the box safely makes it to your new home.
  1. Feel like this task is too lofty for you? Use a professional packing and unpacking service. It may be an added expense on top of the movers and the rest of the moving expenses, but it will help you quickly and efficiently complete the process at minimal effort.

Disclaimer: Everything stated in this post is strictly a recommendation. Culpability for use of any products purchased as a result of this recommendation lies solely with the purchasing party.