| 7.06.2022 |

A Peek at Instagram

Designing your apartment? We’ve found five Instagram accounts to serve as the perfect source of inspiration to give you some wonderful ideas. The main problem: we’d like to see you stop scrolling.

When designing our homes, we’re constantly on the lookout for good sources of inspiration and ideas. Instagram is one of the best sources of opportunities to expand our range of ideas, materials and colors. It allows us to see not just what’s going on in our immediate environments, but what things are looking like overseas as well. Here are five particularly great accounts that have more than one idea to offer for your home:

  1. normarchitects

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008, architectural firm Norm works in various fields of architecture and design. Their Instagram account is great because it features the best elements of Nordic design: an aesthetic that’s always on point, a monochrome palette, natural materials and balance.

When you’re feeling warm and muggy, one scroll through Norm’s Insta will feel like a cool breeze and bring some calm into our perpetual unrest.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/normarchitects

  1. resident.dog

Nicole England takes pictures of dogs in nice houses. You may be dog people, design people or both—in any case, you’re in for a perfect aesthetic treat, as England spotlights beautiful, varied houses as well as the four-legged residents that excel at turning every house into a home. Whoever dives into this Instagram page will find that a dog’s presence brings life and warmth, no matter how sterile or dramatic the planned space. 

To our business, alongside the adorable pups there are also great ideas that will help you design your home or parts of it, or at least open your mind in various directions.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/resident.dog

  1. thedesignchaser

Interior stylist Michelle Halford’s excellent account is part of the content activity that has garnered her fans all over the world. In her posts you can find hot trends, immaculately-designed houses, and plenty of photos documenting her own life, family and home.

Halford’s account contains not only inspiration for room design, but also many ideas to improve the general “look” of life, such as suggestions for organizing your living room table or bookcase, corners in your office, or your living room side table.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/thedesignchaser

  1. myscandinavianhome

Niki Brantmark describes herself as a London girl living in Sweden. Every day a new blog post goes up on My Scandinavian Home, accompanied by an impressive, inspiring Instagram page dedicated to Nordic-style home design. This design style has become particularly popular in Israel, and despite the vast difference in temperature, something about the Nordic color palettes and calm energy just fits here as well.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/myscandinavianhome

  1. Anniset

Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda run a wonderful Instagram page with rich colors and compositions, which offers an artistic, gentle view of the world. Originally aimed at photography enthusiasts, anyone interested in design will find inspiration and interest in their page, which is quite hard to click away from.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/anniset

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