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Interior Design – Décor that will Completely Transform Your Home Design

After everything has been designed and planned, it’s time to dress your home up. The right accessories can significantly elevate your home’s look. So, how do you do it? Here’s how! 

By: Tidhar Team 

If you’re looking at your personally tailored and designed house, and still feel something is missing – we’re willing to bet it has to do with your home’s decor. Perhaps your walls feel naked, or the rooms feel cold and empty, perhaps you wanted to incorporate more colors and didn’t quite know how, or maybe your rooms just seem too banal, and you want to give them some character. 

Accessories can substantially improve your home’s design, enrich it with colors and textures, and cater to a variety of needs. True, you can’t change the size of the space, but you can definitely change the way you feel and perceive the room by simply emphasizing certain elements and drawing one’s attention to a specific spot in the room. So, how can you upgrade your home design with complementary accessories?

 Complementary Accessories for Home Design 

  1. Carpets

Textile is immensely effective when it comes to the design’s overall feel and look. The most dominant textile accessory is a carpet, and therefore, it should be the first item you start with, and match the other accessories accordingly. The size of the carpet in relation to the space and furniture can make the room appear larger or smaller. A general rule of thumb – the carpet in your living room should be slightly longer than your sofa. Otherwise, the room might seem smaller. 

If you have a large and open space, you can use carpets to visually divide the room into different functions. In this case, we recommend using different carpets that work together in harmony.

  1. Curtains 

Curtains help filter the sun from outside and introduce a sense of privacy in your home. If planned right, you can use curtains to create an illusion of a larger and higher space. That is why we recommend choosing a curtain from ceiling to floor in order to emphasize the height of the room and soften the harder, and more rugged elements of the room, such as wood, stone, and metal. 

Choose neutral-colored curtains; these shades create a soft and warm atmosphere without overcrowding and burdening the room.

  1. Complementary Textiles 

After you’ve chosen your carpets and drapes, it’s time for the other textile accessories: pillows, bean bags, bedcovers, bathroom rugs, and more. Incorporate different textures, prints and shades … according to your personal tastes. Allow yourself to be bold, unpredictable, and inventive; to create interesting combinations. 

If you plan on buying the items in different stores, make sure to bring images of accessories and patterns that you’ve chosen. This way, you’ll know for certain whether all the items harmoniously blend together. Also, textile items that can be hung on the wall are very popular today, such as macrame art, and other items that complement a boho-chic design.

  1. Pictures 

Pictures are a wonderful way to make your home more personal and one-of-a-kind. The art pieces that you choose to hang in your house can bring out the color palette of the design or create a contrast. In any case, pictures – large and dominant or a couple of smaller images for a collage – add texture, color, and depth to empty walls. Make sure to carefully choose the size of the pieces, their framing, and the way these pictures ‘communicate’ with the other elements in the room. We recommend hanging the pictures on walls you wish to emphasize or draw people’s attention. For this purpose, you should also leave some empty spaces, and avoid hanging pictures close to the frame of the wall. 

  1. Complementary Furniture 

A side table in the corner of the room, a bench under the window, an entryway chest, a footrest beside the sofa, or a soft bean bag in the living room. All these items and many others complement the larger and more dominant pieces of furniture. They create proper hierarchy and proportion in the room. Since these items are secondary, smaller, and also cheaper than the central pieces of furniture, you can choose slightly bolder designs, and opt for surprising colors and materials.

  1. Accessories 

The cherry on top? The accessories that are added at the end of the process give the room its final touch. Potted plants, ceramics, candles, decorative statues, books, and other objects, all placed in the right spots, assist in promoting a sense of homeliness, and personalize the room. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to selecting your ideal accessories. However, we suggest avoiding clutter. Sometimes, one unique and standout accessory is better than many small items, and at others, a collection of inspiring items can complete the room’s design. 

You can gather and collect these accessories in different shops, markets, and trips over time – using them to refresh your home’s design.

Designer Odelya Barzilai | Photographer Einat Dekel

*It should be noted that the information in this article is a recommendation. The responsibility for the use of any items purchased as a result of this recommendation rests solely with the buyer.