| 20.06.2022 |

What Gifts Can You Ask Your Family and Friends to Bring for Your New House?

Create a ‘wish list’ for your family and friends, so they’ll know exactly what you want and need for your new home.

You’ve moved into your new home, and the real hard work starts now: right after you’ve sent out the invitations to your housewarming party. We imagine that the long wait –months, or even years – has you happy and excited, and your heart is swelling with pride and a desire to show your loved ones your new ‘baby.’

Like at other significant events, the people you’ve invited won’t be coming empty-handed; they’d love to give you a small gift. But, while your friends and family may love you very much, they often don’t know what kind of décor you have, and don’t see it until the moment they’ve brought the gift along. In some cases, they don’t know your personal taste in design, either. This is why we recommend preparing a ‘wish list’ you can share with them, with gifts that you’ll love to receive.

Great Gifts for Your New Home

Something Green

Potted plants symbolize vibrance, growth, and a fresh start, so they’re a particularly good fit for the occasion. A plant is a small, refreshing addition to any space, and can blend in on a shelf, a dresser, a windowsill, or a coffee table.

Something to Light Up the Mood

Like plants, light also bears symbolic significance. You could ask for a small decorative desk lamp to put on a dresser or shelf and add another small source of light to elevate the space’s atmosphere.

Something for the Entrance

Some guests will prefer to get you a custom-made gift. They might want to opt for an entrance sign with your last name. There’s a wide range of designs made of various natural materials like wood, metal, or concrete, all of which would go wonderfully well with a variety of colors and styles.

Something for the Whole Family

Family portraits give the home a warm feel, reminding us of happy times, special moments, and moving experiences. Ask your friends and family for a framed family portrait, or a set of small frames you could fill with photos of your choosing to incorporate into your home’s design.

Something Musical

Music affects our mood and improves almost every situation. Whether or not you were planning to get an advanced sound system for your new home, a portable speaker could be a fun little addition to your home. You could use it at home, in the yard, or on trips, and place it in any one of the rooms as needed.

Something to Drink

For your morning coffee, for warm tea on a chilly night, for Friday evening toasts, or a cool drink on a hot summer day; a set of decorative glasses could go wonderfully in your new kitchen, for a small boost of happiness in your day-to-day moments. 

Something Luxurious

Let yourself indulge in your new home and pick out a gift to help with that. A set of towels for a refreshed feeling at the start and end of each day, a set of classy bed sheets for your new double bed, a nice snuggle blanket for the living room or family room, or any item that would make you feel good.

Something You Could Pick Out for Yourself

If you’re one of those people who always return and exchange gifts; if your tastes are very particular and no one can get it just right; if you know you’ll need to do some shopping in the future but don’t need anything just right now – tell your friends and family your favorite brand and ask for a gift card.

Disclaimer: Everything said in this post is strictly a recommendation. Culpability for use of any products purchased as a result of this recommendation lies solely with the purchasing party.