| 10.06.2022 |

Now It’s Bitzaron’s Turn

Bitzaron is currently the hottest place for real estate investors. Quietly but surely, the neighborhoods east of Ayalon are becoming a highly sought-after destination for middle-class families, thanks to extremely unique and attractive qualities. 

By: Tidhar Staff

Bitzaron has a one-of-a-kind nature, with a tight and warm community, the HaHaskala Boulevard Park, its proximity to the city center, and prices that remain attractive compared to the area and the northern parts of the city. All these create an ideal urban mix for Tel Aviv residents who want to stay in the city. It is also suitable for freelancers, older couples whose children have left the nest, and young families who want to enjoy all aspects of living – better quality of life, community life, as well as an urban lifestyle close to vibrant malls, culture, and the hottest places in Tel Aviv.

In the recent surge of construction in central Israel, particularly in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, one can observe an interesting phenomenon. It seems deceptive at first glance, yet conspicuous to anyone who might inquire: the growth of the eastern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. These neighborhoods are located east of the Ayalon Highway, and for many years they were perceived by the residents of Tel Aviv as distant and inaccessible. However, slowly but surely they’ve been claiming their place at the top of the list of the most sought-after neighborhoods for young buyers and families.

Contrary to the significant decrease in construction rates by dozens of percentage points in the old northern neighborhoods and beyond the Yarkon over the past three years, there has by contrast been a growth in the eastern neighborhoods by hundreds of percentage points. This comes after decades of the area being completely stagnant real estate-wise. 

Invest Today – Turn a Profit Tomorrow

The growing interest in the residential Bitzaron neighborhood reflects this trend. It’s a small and tranquil neighborhood, characterized by short houses and picturesque alleys. It has a special charm and an authentic Tel Aviv atmosphere, like “good old Tel Aviv,” which is almost impossible to find elsewhere. The HaHaskala Boulevard Park crossing the neighborhood from north to south, the variety of trendy cafés, restaurants and shops all create the ideal urban experience for families and their guests. 

The new residential and business boulevard soon to be established west of the HaHaskala Boulevard Park integrates residences, business, commerce and leisure. These too will contribute significantly to Bitzaron’s transformation into a lively, fascinating and urban neighborhood, with its own character and independent life. 

One of the most interesting and coveted projects in Bitzaron is the new residential tower by the Mivne Group and Tidhar, at the corner of Aminadav and Meitav Street. The 27-story tower has approximately 170 apartments and penthouses with 3 to 5 rooms, primarily intended for young families and parents who want to invest in their children’s future. The project is already in the advanced stages of construction, with 70% of the building’s units in the presale phase, indicating significant interest in the ever-growing neighborhood. 

Most buyers are young Tel Aviv families who have previously rented an apartment in the center of Tel Aviv, or lived in its satellite towns. They have found a viable way to own a home in the eastern part of the city, without giving up on their dream of living in the big city.

The project was planned and designed by Danny Kaiser Architects & Planners, the former Tel Aviv engineer currently leading one of the biggest architecture firms. The project has an environmental design that includes large green spaces, and is being built according to the 5281 Green Building Standards.

Udi Sharvit, CEO of the Tidhar Group and initiator of this project, understands the buyers. “In recent years we’ve been witnessing a substantial shift in eastern Tel Aviv in general, and Bitzaron specifically. We’ve seen a growth in demand, and I believe that whoever chooses to invest in that area today will profit in the near future,” he said. The last apartments in the Tidhar-Mivne Tower are still available for sale, and their prices are currently lower than those of similar-sized apartments in the city center and northern area, starting at 3.2 million shekels for 3-5 room apartments. 

Meitav in Tel Aviv is the first residential project whose construction started in the neighborhood, and is a pioneering step in the transformation of the construction area east of Ayalon, from the Bitzaron neighborhood to the Givatayim City complex (across from the Ramat Gan Stock Exchange) and into the urban center that combines residential and office buildings. The construction of the Yehudit Bridge is one of the features that turns this area into an exceptionally attractive investment. The bridge connects the eastern neighborhoods of the city with the west and the Ayalon roofing project, which includes the planned expansive park above Ayalon that will connect the eastern and western parts of the highway. Another contributing factor is the central location at the crossroads between Tel Aviv and Givatayim, its proximity to the HaShalom train station and the future light rail station, and easy access to major traffic arteries: Yigal Alon, Derech HaShalom, Jabotinsky, and Ayalon of course.

Well-Established Families

Bitzaron owes part of its charm to its size: this is one of the smallest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, with only 970 households (most of the longstanding residents, Olim from the ‘50s and ‘90s, no longer live in the neighborhood). Today the neighborhood is increasingly populated by native-born Israelis. 

A demographic analysis of the neighborhood reveals the shifts that have occurred: about half the residents are Israel-born, over a quarter are academics, 27% are children under the age of 17, and even among adults aged 65 and above the neighborhood includes many residents who maintain a rich communal life and social connections. The population of Bitzaron is considered positive and well-established, and is rated 8 out of 10 on the socio-economic index.

Of course, children cannot be raised in a neighborhood without proper schools. The neighborhood’s David Bloch School is considered one of the best in Tel Aviv. The neighborhood also has high-quality kindergartens, a vibrant community life, and rich cultural activities provided by the local community center. All these significantly elevate Bitzaron, turning it into a highly demanded neighborhood ideal for raising children.

Sustainable Neighborhood, Communal Garden and Yehudit Bridge

Bitzaron is also the first neighborhood in Tel Aviv to implement the “Sustainable Neighborhood” initiative. There is a flourishing community garden at the center of the neighborhood, collaboratively tended to by the residents, business owners and the municipality. An additional organic garden has been established at the HaHaskala Boulevard Park, promoting awareness of sustainable pesticide-free food consumption. Environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture and water conservation are all values taught at local schools and kindergartens. The neighborhood is illuminated at night by energy-efficient lampposts, and the neighborhood has a great number of bike paths. 

The neighborhood’s awakening hasn’t gone unnoticed by the thousands of people passing through every morning on their way to work at one of the dozens of companies in the Electra Tower, Alon Towers (EF), Toyota Tower, Azrieli Sarona, Midtown, and many others at the northwestern part of the neighborhood, over the Ayalon Highway. The coffee houses and restaurants are bustling with high-tech workers on their lunch breaks who have contributed greatly to the neighborhood’s economic and culinary growth. The construction wave in the eastern neighborhoods, and in Bitzaron especially, is likely to appeal to them in the coming years. 

Thanks to its convenient location, the neighborhood is easily accessible from all central traffic arteries. The HaShalom train station is within walking distance, and the light rail’s Red Line which started operating in 2022 passes west of the neighborhood. The Yehudit Bridge allows quick and easy access for pedestrians and cyclists to the city center. As such, even the most “hardcore” Tel Aviv residents who thrive in the dynamic city will find the east neighborhoods more tempting than ever! 

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