Tidhar Team | 29.03.2023 | 5 min

Piping Layout and Sprinkler System

The piping in your apartment was carefully planned by a plumbing consultant, who took into consideration the building’s sewage lines, regulations, and utility space needed for convenient use of the washrooms

Should you want the location of bathroom fixtures to be changed, you’ll need to email a sketch to your planning coordinator for a preliminary check before planning is completed. You will also be asked to select your faucets, bathroom fixtures, and bathroom cabinets before the coordination meeting, in order for us to complete the final plumbing workplan together. Certain fittings, such as concealed mixer valves, require advance preparation during the installation of the apartment plumbing system; as such, any change or addition you’ll want to make must be decided on ahead of the planning meeting.

The sprinkler system is a life-saving system. It is activated at times of fire, creating a safe escape corridor out of the apartment. Like the piping system, it is also planned by a plumbing consultant, and is rigorously tested by the Standards Institution of Israel. We recommend that you avoid making any changes to this system, but if these are nonetheless required then they will only be made on the plumbing consultant or contractor’s approval. Changes to the sprinkler system after the apartment has been handed over are contingent on approvals and complex preliminary activity and are not recommended. Your safety matters.

Disclaimer: Everything said in this post is strictly a recommendation. Culpability for use of any products purchased as a result of this recommendation lies solely with the purchasing party.