Tidhar Staff | 6.11.2023 |

What is Personal Planning Coordination?

In the process of coordinating your apartment plan, we assign you a planning coordinator with whom you’ll have two main meetings: one to discuss changes and additions, and another to pick out raw materials.

In the process of coordinating your apartment plan, we assign you a planning coordinator with whom you’ll have two main meetings (according to the schedule set for apartment planning):

  • In the first meeting you’ll discuss changes and additions you want to make to the apartment. If these changes are small, you can prepare and plan them independently, and we’ll sign off on them during the meeting; if you wish to make substantial changes or additions that include changes to the structure of the apartment, or the planning of special construction details, we will ask you to contact your own architect or interior designer. After looking over the changes and additions you’ve requested, new plans will be made for you to approve. These additions will be priced according to the adjustment price guide included in your client file as needed, and paid for by you at the end of the meeting.

The second meeting will complete the selection of materials—this meeting will take place after you’ve visited the project’s suppliers, and you will deliver your order of final materials, flooring, covering, interior doors, and the kitchen countertop. In your client file you’ll also find the technical specifications for the final details in your apartment, along with the referral to the final project suppliers.

Changes requested after the completion of work in the apartment may be complicated, and may require the demolition and dismantling of existing parts. Such changes will only be possible under exigent circumstances and with the project manager’s approval; pricing shall be determined regardless of the adjustment price guide and may result in a delayed apartment handover. We also may not approve of certain changes requested after the completion of work. For these reasons, it’s important to make your decisions and send in your plans on time; you’ll save both us and yourselves precious time and unnecessary costs.

One small but crucial tip: if possible, we highly recommend completing the change plan and final material selection in one meeting. Once you’ve got a comprehensive and complete view of your new apartment, it’s easier for the coordinator to help you and provide you with perfect, thorough solutions. True, it may take a little bit more thought, concentration and work, but in the end you’ll always find that it was worth it.

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