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The story of Tadhar

From 1993 until today, the story of Tadhar continues to write itself, recording more and more chapters of success along the way


Tadhar Group launches a new strategy, in which the vision, company values, brand story and promise to the customer are updated, and the renewed Tadhar brand is launched. The area of sustainability becomes a central motif in the group’s strategy.


Tadhar takes another significant leap forward and establishes the first pod factory in Israel, where wet rooms are manufactured for several projects of the company and other customers.


Combination of abilities

The largest and most significant office building built in Israel in recent years. Combines a number of capabilities of the Tadhar company, starting from the phase of land purchase and initiation to the actual occupancy, including the finishing works. The building includes several complex elements: 2 huge steel bridges, a gym on the 8th floor, many and varied dining areas, meeting rooms hanging in the air and more. The complex will house about 3,000 of the company’s employees in Israel, at the same time as additional offices in other locations in Israel.


Safety in construction

Tidhar in cooperation with the Technion is holding the first hackathon in Israel on construction safety.
About 100 students came up with original ideas on how to improve the safety field in real estate.
In the same year, Tadhar won the tender to build a Wix campus for the developer Canada Israel. Tadhar is carrying out for Canada Israel the new Wix campus in the Blue complex near the cliff beach in North Tel Aviv and near the Gillot interchange. The construction of the campus, designed by the architect Moshe Tzur, will allow approximately Wix employees in Israel work in one large complex, which will serve as the company’s central headquarters.
In addition, Tadhar won first place in the competition for excellence in human resources in the category of cross-organizational change processes held by Human Resources Israel – formerly the association for the management of the Israel Defense Forces.


Excellence in refinement

At Tahdar we do not compromise on the customer experience. One of the core tasks of the organization is to produce only satisfied customers. In 2018, Tadhar won first place in the service excellence and customer experience competition of the Israeli Center for Management in the category ‘only satisfied customers’ for the sixth time. Tadhar is the only real estate company that won the competition.
In the same year, the Tidhar Group was awarded the award for business excellence in the field of construction. Tidhar builds for the leading and international companies in the market. The high capabilities, the services, the professionalism and the innovation together with the thesis division allowed us to reach this place.


Safety in construction

Tadhar takes another significant leap forward and establishes the first pod factory in Israel, where wet rooms are manufactured for several projects of the company and other customers.


The future is now

Tidhar and Electra win the tender for the new Teva campus in Raanana. Design is entrusted to the famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and the BIG team. Tidhar expands its urban renewal activity and becomes one of the leading developers in the field. Among others, Tidhar signed the largest “vacate-renovate” deal in Israel, including the construction of 1,750 new housing units, to replace 300 existing units in Or Akiva. Tidhar also acquired land for the construction of a 70-story office tower in a prime location in Givatayim, as well as land for the construction of Microsoft Israel’s headquarters in Herzliya Pituah. Meanwhile, “Florentine Village” project is launched at the Aliyah Market in Tel Aviv.



Tidhar begins work on a new urban renewal project in Kiryat Ono, in cooperation with Shikun & Binui Group. The project is unique, since first the new buildings were put up and only then the old ones were torn down. In addition, Tidhar begins population of the CU project in Tel Aviv – the new business park and home of the North Market complex.


A place at the top

Tidhar Fit-Outs leaps forward and quickly becomes one of the leading companies for finishing works. In addition, Tidhar breaks a new record in receiving the building permit for “Rimonei Tidhar” urban renewal project in Ramat Hasharon and begins demolishing the old buildings within two years of contacting the apartment owners. At the same time, Globes newspaper awards Gil Geva as “Man of the Year in Real Estate”. When asked who he thinks should receive the title, he thanks all Tidhar employees and says “I have 420 People of the Year”!


New global record

Tidhar sets a new world record at a special Hever convention, with the sale of 793 apartments within 3 hours at the “Tidhar on the Park” project in Rosh Ha’ayin! At the same time Tidhar crushes another record at the same project and is able to plan 1036 units and submit requests for building permits in only 3 months! More at the same year – Tidhar holds a special sales campaign for Ramat Hasharon residents, in cooperation with the Ramat Hasharon Municipality. In a short period, 116 apartments were sold at Rimonei Tidhar, the first urban renewal project to be launched in the city’s Morasha neighborhood. In addition, Tidhar begins construction of Givatayim West, and simultaneously launches the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at the Herzliya Marina.


A new dawn

Tidhar continues to set and lead the market standards, with the launch of the Information Modeling Revolution in 3D. BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology enables Tidhar it to plan, execute licensing processes, build and provide service at peak speed and quality. Tidhar cooperates once again with Hever association in Yavneh, to purchase 277 additional apartments in “Tidhar on the Park”. In addition, Tidhar reaches new heights and begins the construction of Hashahar Tower in Givatayim – a 57-story tower in with 40 office floors and 12 residential floors above them.


More value

KCPS leverage fund invests in Tidhar and enables it to continue to grow and take on a variety of other large projects, such as the Lagoon Project on the Natanya beachfront.


Breaking records

Tidhar sets a new world record, with the sale of 510 apartments within 3 hours to “Hever” members, at the “Tidhar on the Park” project in Yavneh! In addition, Tidhar proves once again that customers come first, as it wins the “Excellence in Customer Service” competition in two different categories. Tidhar continues to another entrepreneurial project overseas – in Berlin, Germany. At the same time, Tidhar puts together a purchase group for the CU project in Ramat Hahayal in Tel Aviv, begins construction of the OPEN project in Kfar Saba, and completes and delivers apartments to owners of the Central Park project in Tel Aviv – 10 months ahead of schedule!


Full speed ahead

Tidhar becomes the first construction company in Israel to win the prestigious “National Award for Quality and Excellence”, named after the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. This prize is usually presented to municipalities and institutions. In addition, Tidhar acquires land for the construction of 1,000 residential units in the new South Yavneh and brings aboard mega-architect Ilan Pivko to build the most beautiful neighborhood in Israel. Meanwhile, construction of the Carasso Towers in Petach Tikvah begins, and Tidhar puts together the first acquisition group at the Ganei Marom project.


New look

Tidhar wins first prize in the competition for Excellence in Construction 2008, while undergoing a branding facelift and presenting a fresh new logo and new colors that accompany it to this day.



Tidhar receives a citation from the committee of the National Award for Quality and Excellence in the name of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. In addition to building the Ritz Carlton in Herzlia, Tidhar begins construction of the Central Park towers in Tel Aviv, also known as the High-Tech Towers, for an acquisition group which initiated the project.


A year of successes

Tidhar again wins the “Excellence in Customer Service” competition, as well as “Best Project in East Europe” for its Airport City project in Belgrade. In addition, Tidhar signs an agreement – together with Adi and Irit Strauss – to construct an exclusive hotel and holiday residence complex at the Herzlia Marina, which brought the privileged Ritz Carlton brand to Israel. More in the same year – Tidhar purchases land to build a hi-tech park in Ra’anana’s industrial zone, and begins construction of the opulent Be’eri-Nehardea tower in Tel Aviv.


Moving up

Mark Weisman, an avid Zionist who came from a background of hedge funds, joins Tidhar as its third partner, and infuses the company with the capital needed for additional growth. More in the same year – Tidhar establishes “Ofira” – a corporation for foreign workers in the construction industry, named after the late Ofira Gamliel who worked in the foreign workers department at Tidhar.


Twice is better

Tidhar wins the “Excellence in Customer Service” competition for the second time in a row. More in the same year – Tidhar undertakes a stalled project in Bat Yam which includes 161 units in 5 buildings of 5-9 floors, and finishes construction on time.


New goals

Tidhar won the “Excellence in Customer Service” competition, run by the Israel Management Center and became the first real estate company to win. Population begins at the prestigious Rogovin Tidhar office tower in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange complex. More in 2003 – Tidhar gets ready for its first overseas project: 75,000sqm of offices and commercial space in AirPort City in Belgrade-Serbia, in cooperation with Africa Israel.


360 good reasons

Tidhar launches a revolutionary residential concept – “Building 360o Around You”, which gives customers dozens of choices within the standard specifications. In the same year, Tidhar begins the “Ilanot 360” project in Petach Tikva, with 390 apartments in 5 buildings. More in 2002 – Tidhar’s management, together with the Group’s employees, forms the Group’s vision for 2015. The vision, which has since been fully realized, continues with us today


At Tidhar you feel at home

Tidhar moves into its new headquarters at 14 Tidhar Street in Ra’anana, officially becomes a real estate developer and establishes Tidhar Investments Inc.


A new millennium

Tidhar sets new quality standards and becomes the first construction company in Israel which is ISO 9001 certified. In the same year, Tidhar adopts Mitzpeh Yam in Herzliya, a safe house for boys aged 13-18, who are interned there by court order. Since then, Tidhar has helped give the boys tools for the future and the opportunity to integrate into the workforce. More in 2000 – another Tidhar project is launched – the “Two in Givatayim” towers.


Above and beyond


Building an army

Tidhar is chosen to build cottages for the IDF Association, in Kfar Oranim. At the same time it begins work on Ahuzat Kedem in Rishon Lezion.
More in 1998 – Tidhar cooperates for the first time with Rogovin on the “7 Habarzel St.” project in Tel Aviv.


New projects

Tidhar begins work on a new project in Hod Hahsaron – a second project in the same growing city.


New record

Tidhar begins work on 1000 residential units in Modi’in Elite, and at the same time finishes construction of 1,606 units in record time in the “Ganei Aviv” project – only 3 years! 1,008 of these apartments were built in 14 months only! Also in 1996 – Tidhar develops its first project: 150 apartments and cottages in “Green Park”, Hod Hahsaron, and officially becomes a real estate brand. Tidhar coins the slogan “Building Credibility” which serves as its guiding light till today


The numbers rise

Tidhar signs a contract for the construction of 1008 additional units in the “Ganei Aviv” project, and at the same time builds the factory for manufacturing prefabricated elements for the Intel plant in Kiryat Gat.


Spring is here

Tidhar combines forces and wins a tender for the construction of 320 residential units in the “Ganei Aviv” project in Lod. This success leads to a contract for an additional 288 units in the same project.


A year of new beginnings

On the 29th of November 1993, Gil Geva and Arie Bachar joined a small contracting company named Tidhar as partners, and dreamed of turning it into a different kind of Real Estate Company.


Before it all began…

Gil Geva, owner of a gardening company and an entrepreneur at heart, met Arie Bachar, one of the senior engineers in Israel and owner of a successful supervision company. The two team up for a project and the cooperation turns into friendship which is the basis for Tidhar as we know it today.

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