Business Partnerships

שותפויות עסקיות

Tidhar Harel – Profitable Assets initiative

In March 2020, the Tidhar Group and the Harel Insurance Investments and Finance Ltd. Group signed the establishment of the first joint company of its kind in Israel – initiating, developing and expanding the companies’ profitable assets portfolio.

The common human and business values, combined with the similar DNA makeup of the companies ensure the success of the project. The main purpose is to locate, establish and jointly maintain assets of approximately 1,000,000 square meters in the next 10 years.

The entrepreneurial, planning and execution capabilities that Tidhar has developed over the years, along with Harel’s financial strength, make up the foundation for a significant development program in expanding the supply of assets in the State of Israel.

The exceptional partnership will join forces in locating, planning, initiating, executing, managing and maintaining the projects, including raising the required capital and creating financial stability for the projects, by directing investment channels and business opportunities to the venture.

Harel will be responsible for leading the financing and financial support of the projects, and Tidhar will be in charge of locating land, planning and construction.

Tidhar Group is characterized as being one the most successful companies at initiating and executing a variety of projects in Israel, such as, residential construction, offices and industry, all with the highest of standards.

The group specializes in the initiation, construction, management and rental of businesses and high-tech parks, office buildings and commercial and logistics areas in Israel and around the world at a Triple A rating. To date, Tidhar has built close to two million square meters of commercial real estate, and property owned by the group, including hundreds of thousands of square meters in rental properties with the added benefit of particularly high occupancy rates.

The Harel Group leads the financial institutional market in volume in direct investments in real estate, in Israel and abroad. Inline with the market conditions in Israel, Harel has decided to focus on initiating lucrative properties, with the aim of building a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of profitable real estate in Israel over the coming years. Harel’s long-term savings partners will benefit from the profits of this initiative, in combination with the company’s professional operations that will yield a strong return on investment.

The joint venture with Harel to invest in lucrative real estate, such as offices, commerce, student dormitories and rental housing, will allow companies to enjoy a high return, while rapidly developing several initiatives at the same time.

The shared motto and values of both partners throughout their many years of operation stand for reliability, service and uncompromising quality, which form a strong foundation for the establishment of a new joint venture.