| 3.09.2023 |

Ofer Franco

Ofer joined the Tidhar Group in 2016, as manager of the partnership in the construction of the complexes for Teva and Microsoft. Today he serves as VP of Entrepreneurship. He holds a BA in Civil Engineering from NYU and has a rich and varied career of 18 years at the Baran Group, of which 5 years as the Group’s CEO. Subsequently, he served as CEO of Koor Industries until joining Tidhar.
As a manager, Ofer strives to set goals and meet them, and he sees the duty of professionalism, investment, teamwork and the joy of activity as the basis for business success and professional and personal fulfillment. He lives in the town of Nirit, is father of two sons, and if he was not in industry and construction, he would probably invest his energy in guidance and teaching. His leisure time is spent in sports, especially triathlons, which combines swimming, cycling and running.