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Tidhar Group’s professional experience, organizational capabilities and advanced management methods, have enabled us to expand activities to other countries. Tidhar Group now develops and builds residential, office and commercial projects around the world, and owns yielding properties in strategic locations.

International Real Estate by Tidhar

Tidhar Group is recognized in Israel as one of the leading names in high quality real estate. Not surprisingly, this name is involved in numerous projects around the world. Even in its overseas projects, Tidhar offers development, construction and fit-out services under one roof, and peace of mind for clients throughout the entire process. An integral team of Tidhar Construction, led by an experienced project manager, is responsible for executing international projects according to the same methods and guidelines used in Tidhar’s projects in Israel. In this way, we are able to maintain the high standard of quality that characterizes Tidhar, anywhere in the world.
Tidhar Group has developed and carried out international projects worth more than 390 million Euros, including residential, office and commercial buildings, and owns income-producing properties which are home to the world’s leading brands.
To expand its global activity, Tidhar strives to locate real estate initiatives and opportunities while creating partnerships with leading global organizations. Today, Tidhar’s international operations focus on markets in Eastern Europe, mainly Bulgaria, Serbia and Berlin, Germany. International operations are growing steadily, and the Group continues to increase the number of assets it owns in Europe, for future development.
In Belgrade, Serbia, Tidhar established Airport City Belgrade in cooperation with Africa Israel. Airport City Belgrade – which won the Best Office Project in Eastern Europe in 2006 – is a huge employment park with 75,000 square meters of office and commercial space.

High quality execution is one of Tidhar’s core capabilities. At any given moment, Tidhar is in the process of building dozens of projects. The Group’s operational division, with its professional staff, rich experience, advanced information systems and unique method of project management, sets a new standard of quality in the world of construction. Tidhar’s construction division specializes in constructing mega neighborhoods (20 buildings and more) and large-scale business and commercial parks, and is capable of carrying out projects of unlimited size, scope and complexity, at record times.
We believe that every project, in any size and scope, requires personal attention and attention to the smallest details, in order to provide an optimal response to the diverse needs of each customer. Our experience, quality and professionalism enable us to expand the Group’s activity outside of Israel.


Building value for you

Thanks to a unique mix of developing capabilities, planning, execution and finishing, Tidhar Group offers the perfect package of solutions for entrepreneurs and investors in international real estate, with the highest possible value for your investment in the shortest possible time!


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