Tidhar Team | 23.06.2022 |

Tidhar’s Upkeep Services

The warranty period ranges between one and seven years depending on the type of defect. During the warranty period, Tidhar’s customer service will receive reports of defects and act for a swift repair.

We make every effort for you to be able to move into your perfect apartment and enjoy it anew every day. Despite our meticulous construction and quality control, certain unforeseen defects or mismatches we could not have prevented may occur. 

For this reason, we place our extensive and professional customer service system at your disposal. Our customer service system will take swift and efficient care of you and provide repair services and warranty. This way we ensure that you continue to enjoy your new apartment for many years to come.

According to the Contract Law (Apartments) of 1973, the warranty period is divided into two parts: 

  1. The upkeep period starts once we hand over the keys to the apartment. Its duration ranges between one and seven years depending on the type of defect. During this time, we will repair any defect in the apartment, abiding by the agreement, unless we find it to be a result of inappropriate or unreasonable use of the apartment. This includes, for instance, defects as a result of poor maintenance.
  2. The warranty period starts immediately after the upkeep period concludes and lasts for three years. During this time, we’ll only take care of defects that result from planning, labor, or materials used during construction.

We at Tidhar prefer not to wait with repairs until the end of the first year of your apartment occupancy. If you’ve discovered any defects in the apartment, let us know and repairs will be done as soon as possible. We want you to get back to your routine as early as possible. 

Our customer service system is at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Disclaimer: Everything said in this post is strictly a recommendation. Culpability for use of any products purchased as a result of this recommendation lies solely with the purchasing party.