Developing tomorrow’s engineers

פיתוח דור העתיד של המהנדסים

As part of Tidhar’s desire to develop advanced building methods, Tidhar helps develop future generations of engineers by hosting groups of students at Tidhar construction sites for study and training purposes. The tours include a meeting with project managers and a detailed presentation, which illustrate the interaction between theory and practice in the field.

Cooperation with the Association of Contractors and Builders, the Ministry of Defense and others.
Gil Geva, Chairman of the Tidhar Group, is the professional director of “Lahav” course at Tel Aviv University. During the course, students are exposed to the world of real estate. Lecturers are among the top ten in their field, including senior managers from the Tidhar group.
Lectures at conferences on Tidhar’s advanced building methods.
Integration of students from various universities in the group’s projects, as part of their hands-on experience and internship.