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תוכן ראשי

Our Mission

We built an organization of professionals!
We build homes that people love!
We create only satisfied customers!

Our Values

Reliability, Integrity and Personal Example

We maintain reliability and adhere to it.
We act with personal and business integrity and keep our promises and commitments, while setting a personal example and maintaining transparency and professional ethics.

Safety and Human Life

Above all, we value safety and human life.
We maintain the health and safety of our people, our customers, our suppliers and all those who work in any of our locations, while never compromising the safety procedures.

Mutual Respect and Concern for People

We are people oriented.
We create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for our people, our customers and our partners. We maintain respectful discourse, open communication and modesty at all times.
We emphasize the uniqueness and value of each person, in a way that allows everyone to share their skills and strengths.

Maintain Excellence, Committed to Results

We make things happen.
We act with professionalism, determination and flexibility, we are careful about quality planning and execution, and take full responsibility for the results.
We maintain constant learning and improvement to achieve personal and organizational growth and development.

Simplicity and Sharpness

We act sharply and swiftly.
We strive for efficiency and swift movement, based on short processes and simple and easy solutions.

Innovative and Courageous

We believe in innovation as a way of life.
We dare and act with courage and creativity, and encourage curiosity, leadership and groundbreaking work.

One Group, Partners Along the Journey

We maintain the unique spirit of Tidhar.
We work in synergy, mutual guarantee and encouragement to achieve the Group's goals.
Together, as partners, we reach success.

Our Vision

גיל גבע, יו

Gil Geva - Chairman of Tidhar Group, Director and Founder

To be the leading construction group in Israel; to strive for global growth; to cultivate values of excellence and innovation; and to be a role model of service, performance and quality
אריה בכר, נשיא הקבוצה, דירקטור ומייסד - תדהר

Arie Bachar - President of Tidhar Group, Director and Founder

To be a growing, expansive and solid group that nurtures and rewards its employees, and constitutes a home as well as a source of empowerment and pride
מארק וייסמן, דירקטור - תדהר

Mark Weissman - Director

To contribute to Israel’s society and economy through community outreach, creation of jobs, and the constant improvement of building and management methods
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