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Our Services

Tidhar proves that the value of your apartment is derived not only from its size, but is also influenced by the quality of design, quality of construction, and the actual contractor.

Project Planning and Management

Tidhar plans each project to maximizes the owners' rights as well as the property's future value, by adjusting design to the owners' needs and requirements and by using advanced 3D information modeling (BIM), which significantly shortens schedules and raises quality.
In each project, Tidhar's planning department creates a dedicated team which includes an architect, planners, consultants, design manager, 3D model managers and a steering committee on behalf of tenants/owners, responsible for planning and project management.

Licensing, Moving the Project Ahead and Approval by Relevant Bodies

Licensing procedures of urban renewal projects are complicated and often lengthy, requiring experience in planning, licensing and masterplan changes, financial fortitude, creativity, and the ability to be definite and influence authorities and decision makers. This is where a serious and large company like Tidhar makes a difference. It can allocate the required resources to move a complex process ahead successfully, for the benefit of all parties involved.
Tidhar deals with all licensing procedures from A to Z, and has extensive experience in planning TPSs and approving them with the local/provincial committee as quickly as possible.
Tidhar is committed to securing the home owners' interests in all negotiations with authorities, to promptly find creative solutions which will bring the project to fruition.

Construction and Delivery of Apartments on Time

Performance is one of Tidhar's core competencies. The Group's execution division, with its professional staff, broad experience, advanced planning and information systems and unique method for project management, guarantees you the highest quality, rich specifications and adherence to schedule.

Assistance with Moving Tenants to Rental Accommodation

We pay full rent when tenants need to move for the duration of construction, Assistance in finding alternative accommodation, We fund all related moving expenses to and from alternative accommodation, Help for special populations in packing and other needs associated with the move.

Comprehensive Collateral Package

We pay the fees of attorney and building inspector, chosen by property owners as their representation through all stages of the transaction, Full surety at the value of the new apartment, Autonomous surety to guarantee payment of rent during the construction period, One year warranty for inspection and repairs, Closed bank accompaniment (by one of the leading banks/financial institutions).

Design Coordination and Tenant Changes

Our planning and coordination department will personally accompany you throughout the entire construction process, to tailor the apartment to your individual needs and taste. To this end, a personal representative will be at your disposal to help you make changes in the apartment, choose finishing materials and accompany you until the apartment is just the way you want it

Repairs and Warranty

Even after receiving the apartment, our dedicated customer service is available 24/7 to address any flaw or discrepancy in the apartment or its systems. Despite all our efforts, we cannot always prevent or foresee all problems, but you can rest assured we will do everything we can to repair it so you can enjoy your new apartment.
Scope of responsibility is in accordance with the type of defect and subject to the guidelines set forth in the law regarding warranty and repair period.
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