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Our Services

When you choose Tidhar you choose a company that will accompany you professionally, competently and with complete transparency all the way. A company that will give you everything you need so that the property you have purchased or rented will provide you with the optimal conditions for success.

Tidhar Tailor Made

Tidhar Properties offers you a unique track that combines development, planning and construction of commercial, industrial, or logistic buildings for long term rental, all under one roof. The Tailor Made track allows you to enjoy an up-to-date rental premises fully tailored to the current and future needs of your business.
In this unique track you can save considerable resources involved in purchasing land, building and maintenance, and spread the costs of construction and moving over the years. At the end of the period, you can renew the rental agreement, if the building meets your requirements, or move to a new site.


As a leading developer-contractor, Tidhar has accumulated extensive experience initiating business and commercial space for various purposes. We have also proven to have a sharp eye for selecting locations with the highest potential for growth and improvement. We put this experience at the service of investors and business owners interested in purchasing or renting long term property, built according to their requirements and in accordance with their existing and future needs. We will accompany you from the concept stage to the successful occupancy of the project, from locating the land through characterization of needs, designing the program, planning, licensing, construction, finishing and actual occupancy.

Planning and Licensing

Tidhar has extensive experience in managing processes of licensing and rezoning for commercial purposes. We carry out the required project planning and licensing by designated teams accompanied by professionals (architects, consultants, etc.) from leading Israeli firms.
Thanks to the planning-implementation revolution that we have carried out in recent years, including work with a BIM (Building Information Modeling), Tidhar is able to design, license and execute high quality projects at very short timetables and accurate budgets. In addition, modeling the project from day one in 3D, makes our customers full and active partners in the planning process to achieve the best results - easily and efficiently.


Tidhar specializes in building AAA Level office buildings and commercial areas (the highest level) in record time and to the highest standards. Tidhar Construction, the Group's performance division, is one of the leading construction companies in Israel. It is engaged in projects for Tidhar Investments and for other entrepreneurs. Over the years, Tidhar Construction has built more than 1.5 million square meters of commercial real estate in Israel and abroad.

High Quality Rental Solutions

Tidhar offers you a selection of high quality properties for rent - long term or short. Our properties are located in attractive and central locations, enjoy high occupancy rates and are home to leading companies. Most of our assets are Triple A, and they all enjoy the highest quality management and maintenance services.
Only at Tidhar - we offer our Tailor Made track for large businesses, which enables long term rental of a property that is planned and built especially for you.

Fit-Outs and Finishing

Tidhar Fit-Outs is behind some of the largest and most prominent projects in Israel (offices of Apple, Comverse, Excellence Nessuah, Ness, Israel's large HMOs and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Herzliya) and is now considered the leading company in its field. Tidhar Fit-Outs offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including coordination, planning and execution of all finishing work for your business - with the highest standards and shortest timetables!

A Range of Logistic Solutions

Tidhar provides customers with a wide range of logistics fit-out solutions for the new offices: handling all purchasing needs (furniture, light fixtures, office equipment, decorative accessories, plants, kitchen and food utensils, coffee machines etc.), planning, construction of carpentry items, locating and purchasing art objects, carpets and accessories, and branding in accordance with the chosen design concept. In addition, Tidhar also handles the dismantling, packaging and transportation of equipment from the old offices to the new offices, all the way to connecting computers, hanging pictures, arranging tables, and even directing employees at the new offices on moving day.

Property Management and Maintenance

Tidhar works only with leading and experienced management companies, in order to provide tenants with the highest level of maintenance and service. We invest a great deal of management, human and logistic resources, in order to meet the highest standards in terms of security, maintenance of the shared electricity system, elevators, air conditioning and lighting, cleaning, parking and various structural systems. Your satisfaction is important to us.

A Revolution in 3D

Tidhar is the only company that uses advanced 3D design technology throughout the process, while maintaining a high quality standard in the shortest time schedules and a given budget. 3D project modeling allows you to be full and active partners in the design process and achieve the best results for you - easily and efficiently.
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