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Tidhar Construction1 Tidhar Construction1
Elena Matchenko, Structural engineer Elena Matchenko, Structural engineer
Leading in quality

"To lead and excel is to search every day for ways to become more efficient and improve"

Elena Matchenko, Structural engineer

Tidhar Construction2 Tidhar Construction2
Miri Azouri, Luxury Residential Property Manager Tidhar Group Miri Azouri, Luxury Residential Property Manager Tidhar Group
Tidhar from A to Z

"We handle the needs of thousands of tenants, from the purchase of the apartment until many years after entering it, and we invest heavily in every apartment we build"

Miri Azouri, Luxury Residential Property Manager Tidhar Group

Tidhar Construction3 Tidhar Construction3
Eizik Dadon, Fit-outs manager Eizik Dadon, Fit-outs manager
Leading in service

"I treat every customer as a valuable asset that must be preserved and nurtured"

Eizik Dadon, Fit-outs manager

Tidhar Construction4 Tidhar Construction4
Shaked Gil-or, Execution Engineer Shaked Gil-or, Execution Engineer
Innovation that works for you

"For us, innovation is not just a title, it is a management methodology that focuses on reducing waste, respect for people and providing added value to each customer"

Shaked Gil-or, Execution Engineer

Tidhar Construction5 Tidhar Construction5
Liran Lev, Operations and Logistics Manager Liran Lev, Operations and Logistics Manager
Quality leaders

"Our constant aspiration for excellence enables us to carry out uncompromising quality in every project and apartment, save costs and shorten timetables"

Liran Lev, Operations and Logistics Manager


Working with the Most Robust Construction Company in Israel

Tidhar Construction carries out all types of projects regardless of size and scope, with full commitment to schedules, the highest standards and quality of service.

Tidhar Construction specializes in residential real estate, offices and commercial space, in Israel and abroad, and is considered Israel's leading construction company. The company executes projects of any size and scope in record time for Tidhar Investments and for other developers.
Tidhar Construction's uniqueness is its ability to provide comprehensive solutions for all types of projects, from planning, through the entire construction process, till delivery, warranty and even many years later. This is done using advanced management and implementation methods with an emphasis on the highest quality standards, strict compliance with deadlines, budgets and service.

All of Tidhar Construction's activities are characterized by a unique concept that focuses on creating value for our customers, through: Shortening timetables, Striving for excellence and uncompromising quality standards, Unique methodologies for managing and implementing projects, The finest human capital in the industry, A dynamic and flat organizational structure that allows control together with flexibility and maximum efficiency, Large and excellent service array that accompanies customers along the way - reliably and professionally, Controlling the construction process from A to Z through professional departments, each of which is a market leader in its own right.

Building Value for You

אריה בכר, נשיא הקבוצה, דירקטור ומייסד - תדהר

Fully committed

"At Tidhar, a word is a word. If you committed to something, you will comply with the agreements, schedules and any other obligations. That's the key."
טל הרשקוביץ, מנכ"ל תדהר בנייה ומשנה למנכ"ל הקבוצה - תדהר

Our fullest attention

"We invest our full attention and resources in every project. In the end there is a customer and he should be satisfied."
אמיר פוטיבסקי, סמנכ"ל ביצוע - תדהר

Delivery on time

"No one likes tardiness, especially when it comes to an apartment. That's why we do everything we can to hand over on time."
נדב גלאי, משנה למנכ"ל תדהר בנייה- תדהר

The value of reputation

"Every developer knows that the value of an apartment is not derived solely from planning and location, but is very much influenced by the quality of construction and the identity of the contractor."
גיא פרומר, מנהל בקרת פרויקטים ומכרזים - תדהר

Excellent performance

"Quality and excellence are big words. I prefer to call it planning, attention to details, learning and supervision and constant improvement."
דקלה בן חיים, מתאמת תכנון ושירות לקוחות - תדהר


"No one likes tardiness. It is important to us that the client receives his apartment on time, and also have ample time to prepare for the move to the new apartment."

Our Services

ביצוע ללא הגבלת גודל - תדהר

A Contractor for Any Type of Project

Tidhar constructs residential, office and commercial space regardless of size and scope, for developers, large companies and landowners, at highest quality standards combined with an uncompromising level of service.
Performance is one of Tidhar's significant core competencies. The Group's Performance Division with its team of professionals, rich experience, advanced information systems and advanced managing methods, ranks among the three largest construction companies in the country. Time and again Tidhar sets new standards of quality and professionalism in construction, which has become a byword in the industry.
שירות לפני הכל - תדהר

Customer Service

Our large award-winning service network operates 24/7 and envelops the client in 360 degrees of attention, from purchase, until the end of the warranty period and beyond - with full responsibility and professionalism.
Tidhar's service is based on quality performance, reliable and fast solutions to ensure peace of mind and complete confidence for you and your customers. Our extensive experience guarantees we can always tailor solutions to the needs of any customer.
Tidhar has one of the most advanced CRM systems, which streamlines communication with customers, at any time.
בדק ואחריות - תדהר

Repair and Warranty

Tidhar is committed to quality and excellence in all of its activities, and invests considerable resources to provide customers with the perfect apartment, ready for living. Our extensive and highly professional repair team is all set to accompany customers long after they moved in.
To ensure that all customers receive the full value for their money, every apartment we build is delivered only after undergoing strict quality control to determine it meets our high standards. In addition, in the first years after occupancy, our people are available 24/7 to handle any problem or defect, so that customers can fully enjoy the experience of living a perfect life in a Tidhar-built home.

Projects Under Construction

 Rothschild Tower, Tel Aviv

Rothschild Tower, Tel Aviv

Luxury apartment complex and hotel of international standard, on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv

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 Omer House, Ramatayim Road, Hod Hasharon

Omer House, Ramatayim Road, Hod Hasharon

Put yourself right in the center of activity, in the first business complex of its kind in Hod Hasharon

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 Gefen Neighborhood, on the corner of Glil Yam Herzliya

Gefen Neighborhood, on the corner of Glil Yam Herzliya

New complex of eight residential buildings, leisure and commercial areas

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 Beyond, Giv’atayim

Beyond, Giv’atayim

The first vertical city in Israel! It has 344.00 square meters of office and commercial space in a unique complex in Giv’atayim

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 WIX, Tel Aviv

WIX, Tel Aviv

The new Wix campus, near the beach in northern Tel Aviv. The project is being constructed by the Tidhar Group For Canada Israel

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Main Office – Tidhar Construction

Main Office – Tidhar Construction


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VP Tidhar Construction

VP Tidhar Construction


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