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The Guide for Developers and Builders

Why should you choose Tidhar Construction? Is Tidhar capable of dealing with so many projects simultaneously? Does Tidhar’s customer service care for the customers of other developers? Here is everything you need to know before choosing a construction company.

  • With Tidhar you can be certain you will receive the highest value - a professional partner, committed and responsible who accompanies you from A to Z, a project built to the highest standards and the shortest deadlines, and satisfied customers who enjoy a unique service experience and support.

  • To date, Tidhar has built hundreds of projects in Israel and abroad, and handed over thousands of homes and over a million and a half square meters of commercial real estate. In addition, it has carried out numerous projects for purchasing groups and leading entrepreneurs, such as Housing and Construction (Shikun Binui), Caraso Real Estate, Dan Real Estate, Acro Real Estate, Dizengoff Trading, Y. Zilbermintz, America, Israel, Africa Israel, YBOX, the Ministry of Defense, Rogovin, Canada, Israel, Yuvalim, and others.

  • Yes. At any given moment, Tidhar Construction is conducting dozens of projects simultaneously, and over the past decade has built more apartments than any other company.
    Over the years, Tidhar has developed a unique methodology for managing and executing projects, based on a rich variety of processes, tools and techniques. This, combined with a flat and dynamic structure that allows strict control, efficiency, flexibility and rapid organization for different tasks, provides the Group's Operating Division with significant advantages. Thanks to this we can continue to expand the scope of activity while maintaining high standards and meeting all obligations - at each and every project.

  • Tidhar Construction operates in Israel and abroad, and specializes in residential real estate, offices, and hotels. The Group's Operating Division specializes in mega neighborhoods with dozens of buildings built simultaneously, and large business parks, alongside smaller residential projects and prestigious projects. Tidhar is capable of carrying out all types of projects regardless of size, scope and complexity, at record times and of the highest quality.

  • Here's an example: Tidhar built the mega-neighborhood Tidhar on the Park, in Yavneh, which included 1000 units in 32 buildings, municipal infrastructure and a 17,000sqm park in only 4.5 years - a record time in real estate terms - half the time required for the building of such a project.
    Another example: Tidhar is planning to complete the building of 1036 units at Tidhar on the Park, Rosh Ha'ayin, in only 4.5 years too!
    Tidhar leads the 3D planning-executing revolution using advanced 3D data modeling systems throughout all project phases. These capabilities, combined with Tidhar's other advantages allow us to plan and execute complex projects in record time and of the highest quality.

  • The number of projects Tidhar is capable of building simultaneously does not detract from its commitment to high quality work. Tidhar cares for the needs of thousands of home-owners, throughout the entire building process and years after. Since we understand customers and the real estate market, we protect our reputation and invest the maximum in each apartment that we build, whether it is for Tidhar or for other developers, and treat each customer as a valuable asset. Thanks to our numerous advantages we can continue to expand the scope of our performance, while maintaining high standards and meeting all obligations in any project.
    We believe that each project requires close personal attention to details, in order to provide the customer with the finest service. That is why Tidhar is chosen time and again to execute some of the most prestigious and luxurious projects in Israel, amongst them Be'eri-Neharde'a Tower and Central Park Towers in Tel Aviv, Lagoon in Natanya, Vision Tower in Bat Yam, Lighthouse, The Machtesh project in Givatayim, Space in Petah Tikva and many others.

  • Tidhar Construction specializes in both foundation and finishing work under one roof, and takes responsibility for the project from beginning to end. Tidhar is known for extremely high performance standards and excellent finish. In addition, Tidhar Finishing Works - the Group's dedicated division - is considered a leader in this field and provides unique turnkey solutions. Thanks to this division, Tidhar is among the few companies able to provide business customers with perfect commercial assets - from A to Z, all under one roof.

  • We believe that satisfied customers increase our reputation, whether they are part of our projects or those we build for others. Each customer is special, and as such they deserve the kind of personal high quality service that all Tidhar customers receive.
    Tidhar offers you the largest and highest quality service network in the industry, which will accompany your customers 24/7 - from purchase date until many years after the project is completed. This means all our customers enjoy 100% peace of mind, wherever they live.

  • Tidhar operates a "coordinated planning" team for tenants' changes, which includes about 30 experts from the fields of architecture and interior design. This team accompanies clients throughout the entire procedure till the apartment is handed over, including:

    • Hand-off meeting.
    • Strict quality control.
    • Hand-off walk-through protocol.
    • Handing over possession of the property.
    • Orderly transfer of public areas.
    • Registration of the condominium by proper authorities.
    • Neat transfer for warranty period.

  • Tidhar is committed to hand over a perfect apartment which has passed quality inspection, without defects and ready for living. And yet, defects might occur since construction is a highly complex task. That is why we accompany all our customers during the entire warranty period, to ensure safety and peace of mind and immidiate response by our customer service reps.

    Tidhar's warranty includes:

    • Personal support by an unchanging referent, from the day the apartment is handed over, throughout the warranty period under the Sale's Law, and even beyond.
    • 24/7 service for urgent calls - unique in the industry.
    • Professional inspection teams.
    • One address for every need, without any conflict of interest between the developer and contractor.

  • As a company where values such as trustworthiness, responsibility and transparency are guiding lights, Tidhar is committed to meeting deadlines. Our reputation is built on this, and the entire Group works to that end.
    We invest considerable resources in developing an organizational culture, management routines, practices and support system that enable us to meet our commitments. With our experience, advanced information systems, methods of planning, management and execution, we can coordinate and carry out the actual construction efficiently and quickly, and significantly shorten schedules.

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